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Having played a handful of styles from Death to Doom/Death to Gothic to Funeral Doom, the Chicago veterans have finally settled on a Gothic/Doom/Death Metal sound that is still original and unique to this day. Since the bands inception they’ve always pushed the boundaries of their own limits never sounding like anyone, even themselves; and this EP is just another testament to their never-ending struggle to create killer Metal.

The production is a little thin but it doesn’t hurt the music. The guitars are very heavy and moderately fast throughout. There are no solos but there are a bunch of leads. This is one of their crunchiest releases so far and easily one of their more varied works especially in regards to its tempo. The guitars also go from distorted to clean periodically.

The bass mostly follows the guitars and is sadly less adventurous than on their past works. The drums are well executed and tight. There is some light keyboard work as well, perhaps more as background noise than anything else.

The vocals are among McCoy’s best as he effortlessly goes from clean to grim. His growls seem more guttural and thus fiercer. His cleans are mostly mid to mid high but always in key and never forced. The lyrics are the bands typical fair and good for what they are.

Over all if there were any complaints besides the production it would be the length of this recording, especially considering that the first track is an acoustic intro. This album also lacks the bands Celtic influences as well. Another fault would be that the recording lacks a cohesive structure, specifically, the songs sound a bit rushed and not fully fleshed out. Aside from those few complaints this is very good and worth hunting down.

This album combines the ‘Sadness’ era heaviness with the more adventurous vibe of the ‘…Of the Fallen’ era with the precision of the ‘Isolationist’ era. This is a mixed bag of wonder wrapped up in a twenty-minute or so package. The band has a lot of confidence and it shows here. This is easily a 4/10, not the best parting gift to leave their fans for sure.
Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted May 26, 2011 by doommantia in Avernus

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