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Romantic, intelligent and heavy; these words best describe the late Necares’ first/last official release ‘Ruin’.

The album is in the traditional Doom/Death Metal mold [see the Peaceville Three] with similarities towards ‘Pentecost III’ era Anathema (in the last song or two with regards to the clean/moody vocals that practically clone Darren Whites’). This was an intentional decision as the band members are huge Anathema fans and like most of us miss their Metal days.

The music is simplistic, but competent and layered. The guitars go from electric to acoustic (there is even a violin in places). There are perfect melodies and great mostly mid-tempo riffs. Again, there are similarities to Anathema but there is a surprising amount of originality on display. The bass is more or less standard no frills pace keeping, the drums are the same (they were probably programmed but sound good regardless).

The vocals (aside from the clean vocals discussed above) are very throaty, almost core-ish, though effective all the same. The lyrics are very poetic and fairly intellectual. Over all the production is very good and the songs are very strong. Given time this band could have become a Doom/Death powerhouse.

This CD is worth picking up as it’s a great example of the more romantic styled Doom/Death. This gets 7/10 because it’s a great representation of modern Doom/Death made by fans for fans.
Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted May 27, 2011 by doommantia in Necare

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