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Masterpiece. It’s a word that is highly debated in all circles of all things in life. What makes one? How is it judged? What happens afterwards?

The masterpiece in question is Novembers Dooms’ ‘The Knowing’, which is a must for any Doom/Death, Doom Metal fan. From start to finish it is brimming with emotion and drenched with feeling. This album shows the band as a fully matured and very comfortable in their style. The bands trademark heavy yet subtly melodic guitars juxtapose heavy 70’s rock and more modern Doom elements. There are no solos but plenty of mournful leads, continually teasing the listener with feelings of hope and joy before thrusting them back into a swirling torrent abysmal sorrow.

The bass is masterfully understated while always in sync with the drums, which are always creative and never tedious. The vocalist does his most astounding performance of growls, spoken word and clean singing vocals. They add clean female vocals as well on a song or two.

The lyrics, aside from the story are thought-provoking, and beautifully crafted. They don’t lack the duality of basic song structure (the real meaning and the meaning you get out of it). The symbiosis of awe-inspiring melodies coupled with the haunting moods equate for one soul purging experience.

In short, this is a concept album about a man who one day awakens to realize he knows everything. The cure for aids, how to solve world hunger, when the world will end, etc… The record is about his struggle to cope with the images presented within. He also learns that his wife and best friend is not faithful.

The compositions are generally epic while never getting overly ambitious. Yet they do take the bands formula/style established on their second album by then guitarist Eric Brunley to a rather advanced level. The addition of Larry Roberts as the bands second guitarist only furthered song writing as they both play off each other well. Singer Paul Kuhr has stated that he doesn’t care for this album, as it was very hard to write. Specifically because it was a concept album and he felt limited by the songs since they had to go in order.

In any event this album is worth getting as it does showcase the band and their peak. The follow up release, while excellent in its own right, doesn’t capture the majesty and soul of this album. This gets a 10/10 because its simply brilliance!
Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted May 27, 2011 by doommantia in Novembers Doom

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