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Skully Mammoth, a Stoner/Sludge Doom Band from Denver, have unveiled their 4-song Demo. It is a bit different as all tracks have some groovy stuff. But Skully Mammoth is a bit different in terms of vocal style and the songwriting pattern. They have taken a different route with a lot of Thrash metal influence in some parts, albeit maintaining the Sludge Doom basics. But the music is incredible and I did dig into it for few days before writing this review. These folks do show a lot of influence of every other metal genre, and this influence is amply seen in the Demo.

Skully Mammoth brings a rather interesting sound to their Sludge doom. The guitars are heavy and groovy. The drumming has a lot of variation. The messy vocals suit the music very well. All the tracks are mid-paced and hence make things a bit different. Skully Mammoth are pulling some serious sludge into their distortion. The tracks “Bite of the Death Witch” and “The Black Magicians from the Mountain Mars and the Gypsy Children” have more of swing and groove in the riffs; giving the Demo a propulsive feel that’s a real plus point!

The production is very messy. But so are most Demos – it can be worked on for future releases. Overall Skully Mammoth succeeds by combining serious heaviness with doom. A pretty decent Demo and worth listening to a few times!
Review Written By Mahesh

Skully Mammoth @ Myspace


Posted May 27, 2011 by doommantia in Skully Mammoth

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