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I know very little about this band from Germany except just one song from a split they did with Don Juan Matus. That track titled ‘…As Heaven Cries’ certainly got me interested in hearing more by they eluded me till now. ‘Carnal Philosophy’ is the album and it has been released via Kneel Before The Masters Throne Records which I also have never heard of till now. One look at promo pics of Angel Of Damnation gives you a clue to their musical intentions, this is old-school metal. Then you look at the band members names for more proof of their old-schoool roots – Doomcult Messiah on vocals, Avenger on Guitars, Bass and Keyboards and Hellbastard on drums. What I recently discovered though is the band features members from Dawn of Winter and Nocturnal and any band that has a members from Dawn Of Winter has to know their doom-metal.

Angel Of Damnation come from the old-school of doom, influenced by such acts as Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Witchfinder General, Pentagram and Saint Vitus and they openly display these influences within the 6 tracks on this album, mini-album or EP depending on what you want to call it. It is very short, only about 35 minutes at a guess but this is a raw, and very un-polished but still a great album. The demo-like quality to it doesn’t hurt the listening pleasure to be gained from spinning this doom animal and in fact, it actually enhances it. The songs sound live and not exactly well-rehearsed as the songs don’t sound as fluent as they should be but the tracks do have a great vibe to them just the same. As musicians, they have one major plus and that is the vocalist that sounds like a cross between Rob Lowe from Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass, and Scott Reagers from Saint Vitus. This gives the songs a real feeling of menace and emotion as well as a touch of pure evil.

The release has a few highlights like ‘I’ll Drink From The Chalice Of Blood’ which sounds like it could have been written for the first Black Sabbath album. It is heavy and dark but still has the bluesy element that Sabbath had in those very early couple of years. ‘Into The Coven Of The Damned’ is also very sabbathian in its riffing with only an organ setting it apart from the usual Black Sabbath cloned material. ‘Bow Before the Goat’ is total Candlemass in every possible way but it is not really a rip-off, more like a tribute to the great band. The rest of the album follows the same formula, Sabbath-inspired riffs, vocals in the style of Candlemass and Saint Vitus and a never-ending supply of great hooks that go way beyond the norm for catchy doom-metal.

In conclusion, it is hard to get too excited about this album as it sounds all so recycled to me and while some bands tread the line between influence and just straight out copying a style, Angel Of Damnation do tend to sound like copyists. This is not to say avoid ‘Carnal Philosophy,’ as this is so big in the timeless riff department that you can’t help but like it anyway. The lyrics are very good, no sign of cheese or childish horror movie clichés on the album from what I can hear and each track is very catchy. Apart from the question hanging over their originality, the production and the stuttering musicianship, the rest of the ingredients cook up a good dose of traditional doom-metal. Hopefully for their next album, they can iron out these issues and produce a no-holds barred masterpiece. For now I am treating this as a rushed demo and in that context I hear nothing but epic potential for the future…7/10

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Kneel Before The Masters Throne


Posted May 31, 2011 by doommantia in Angel Of Damnation

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