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Triggerman play like a bunch of southern-fried Jack Daniels drinking crazy men that dish out gigantic slabs of brutal bluesy nola-metal but hang on, they are from the UK – well that doesn’t make sense. Trust a UK band to come along playing US styled stomping rock better than most of its originators. The truth is if the likes of Clutch and Down are so worthy of all the praise they regularly receive, you better bow to your knees and worship Triggerman because they are just as good, if not better than many of these mainstream stoner metal acts.

Ollie at The Sleeping Shaman beat me to this but remember those glory days of Mans Ruin Records? You had bands like Scissorfight. Altamont, Drunk Horse all delivering some of the most swaggering southern stoner-metal ever made and still to this day, most of those albums have gone under appreciated for their awesome-ness. Triggerman are definitely a throwback to those classic days of the peak of Mans Ruin. The vibe, sound and attitude are all here just like those early days of Mans Ruin Records and Southern-styled stoner-metal.

The title of the opening track, ‘The Riff Holds Sway’ says it all, this is powerhouse groove riff-rock that has a simple, no-bullsh*t attitude and it is straight to the point rock and roll. The band has a bombastic, thunderous sound that steamroll’s its way over the top of you at first before you get settled into what this band is all about which is unpretentious kick-ass rock music. ‘The Riff Holds Sway’ is over and done with before you know what happened and then the album launches straight into ‘I Got the Lurgy’ which has more infectious riffing and whiskey-soaked vocals. Theres nothing fancy here at all and certainly there is nothing that is musically progressive or complex but when it comes to grooves, Triggerman have their bottle of rock full to the brim. ‘The Road To Damascus’ is one of the more obvious southern-influenced tracks only played with the intensity of a metal band.

The title track, ‘Brand New Day’ is up next and Ollie at The Sleeping Shaman also pointed out this fact but it has to be mentioned again here, this sounds awfully close to a Clutch song. There is no other way around it, if you have heard Clutch you know exactly what to expect with this tune. The following ‘Horns’ doesn’t change the situation much either but both these songs are so catchy and have such strong grooves, it is hard not to dig them any way but yes, it is a little too close to Clutch and seeing as I don’t like Clutch much at all, it presents a problem for me. Triggerman are not original nor are they trying to be but this gets a little too close to being a cloned-version of Clutch at times and it seems to increase in that direction, the closer you get to the albums final tracks. However ‘There Strides Goliath’ ends up being one of the albums best tracks, it has a gargantuan groove, monster riffage and the vocals melodies are perfect for this genre of music. This track gets a bit repetitive towards the end of it but still stands out as one of the album’s highlights.

The album ends on ‘Voices’ and by now the Clutch-ism is starting to wear a little thin. The riffs and grooves still pulverize and are as catchy as hell but it all gets all too familiar and the magic that the album had in its early stages tends to get stale. A couple of things about Triggerman now, they are better than Clutch in my opinion even though they sound like a clone of the band most of the time. Their grooves are more infectious and have more to offer in the riffing department but they can’t compete with the likes of Down just yet but that is the direction they seem to be going with this recording. If the albums second half gave me the buzz that the albums first half does, this would be right up there as a contender for one of the albums of the year but sadly the albums second half sounds very patchy and clutch-esque to my ears. Triggerman are great players and they have more balls and attitude than most bands but they just need more originality to go to the next level……..6/10

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Posted May 31, 2011 by doommantia in Triggerman

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