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Exsanguis are a Swiss doom act who I know nothing about. I know they formed sometime in the late 90’s and released an album in 2004 titled ‘Dem Tod Geweiht’ but apart from that, I know nothing about them. Their official site seems to be ‘under construction’ so no information to be found there. This album, ‘Endzeit’ came to me via a CDR and apart from the song-titles that are in German I still have no further info on the band. ‘Endzeit” translated means ‘Endtime’ so that might give you a clue about the kind of music we are talking about here. It is pretty bleak stuff but trying to be put an exact tag on their brand of doom-metal is a little awkward but for the sake of this review, I think death-doom is about as close as I can get. Seeing as the band has been together for over 10 years, you would expect some polished music and concise song-writing, unfortunately I don’t really hear that all. The band sounds like a young inexperienced band still trying to find their sound. Musically, the band can play and play very well but the songs don’t seem to have any direction, nor are they memorable. Even just to put this review together, I had to listen to them yet again just to remember what they sounded like.

Exsanguis mix death-doom with goth-rock, funeral doom, trad-doom and black metal but don’t seem to get a handle on either genre. There is some intense, blackened atmosphere to their songs but they never keep my attention anymore than a minute at a time. The vocals are a mix of black-metal growls and screams and are largely forgettable. The guitar work is very good but the problems as I hear it is in the songs themselves. The riffs are repetitive and fairly simple but I didn’t hear one riff on here that made me sit up and take notice. The arrangements are a little more adventurous, they have some tempo changes and the odd groove here and there but this happens very rarely and not enough to keep me focused on what the band is doing. There is also the odd hint of uniqueness as in one track called ‘Wüetisheer’ which features an accordion of all things and there is a choir in another tune titled ‘Herbsterwachen’ which translated means ‘rude awakening.’ So the band is fairly original but I hate to say this but this is the only really positive thing I can say about thisExsanguis album.

Unfortunately this album is just bland with no redeeming features, the songs and the songwriting is not memorable in any way, the songs lack any kind of dynamics and the production sounds totally flat and lifeless. I hate doing these kinds of reviews because there is potential here for greatness but this album just doesn’t make the grade. I will give it some points for atmosphere and some decent playing but that is about all I can do here…..4/10

Official Exsanguis Homepage


Posted June 1, 2011 by doommantia in Exsanguis

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