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From Mari & The Sludge Swamp Team

I captured the smoke signals from our friend Mo)))urner aka Sven, from the über-cool German Doom Metal Front ‘Zine website, and I’m conveying the info onto you, folks.

The new, monumental n°6 issue of the Doom Metal Front ‘Zine is available for free download on the zine website.
You know this ‘zine already, but it is worth refreshing memories on how cool it is …
The content of the ‘zine, in pdf format, carries a huge amount of infos and great photos, in this issue covering up to 77 pages!
News and interviews are partly in German and partly in English, so there’s plenty of stuff to read and dig through.

Moreover, as usual, there is a slab of heavy tunes accompanying the words, 48 (!!!) tracks of heavy tunes making up the Doom Metal Front Compilation n° 4!

This giant contribution is devoted to one of the “hearths” where heavy tunes are forged and to a corner of the world where any rocker and metaller would like to go to at least once for “unholy” pilgrimage: Scandinavia.
The compilation is faithful to the line of the ‘zine. So you’ve got shovels of traditional doom, stoner, “retro” psychedelic rock, space rock, sludge, doom-death, funeral doom, drone-ambient …
Details about the tracks, the contributing bands and the nations involved are found in the dark and charming cover art images for the compilation as well as in a plump chapter at the beginning of the ‘zine.
I don’t know some of the bands included in this huge comp, and, well, I find this great because I love to explore …

So, Sven, thanks heaps!
Folks, you can’t miss this …

Keep the ‘zine under your radar here

Download Here: Doom metal Front ‘Zine Issue 6 + VV.AA. – Doom metal Front Compilation n. 4 – Scandinavia

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Posted June 1, 2011 by doommantia in Doom Metal Front

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