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Without a doubt the number one album on my ‘must-have’ list at the moment is the new album by Maligno called ‘The Funeral Domine’ but I haven’t got hold of it just yet so as a teaser for that album, I thought I would give you all a heads up about this incredible band and an equally incredible album titled ‘Universevil.’ This album is their second recorded in 2008 and it is one of the best sabbathian-stoner doom metal albums recorded in the last 10 years. By that I mean it follows the Black Sabbath blueprint but it doesn’t just merely copy the style, they give it a new modern twist while still capturing the grooves and the vibes of the first 6 sabbath records. There is a lot of sabbath-inspired rock in the world but these guys are one of the very best.

This album is one hour of infectious metal that reminds you with every earth-shattering note why you got into metal in the first place. It has the 70’s classic rock authenticity, the head-pounding grooves and the epic, majestic riffing that is up there with Iommi or any other rock guitar god you care to mention. A bit of history for ya now, the band was formed in 2004 and come from Monterrey, Mexico. They came together with a passion and love for bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pentagram, King Crimson, and Cathedral and with the desire to make heavy-rock music that will stand the test of time and they do just that.

They are a largely unknown band outside of Mexico but are quite the opposite in their own country after touring with Metallica, well not really a tour, just a couple of shows but it brought a lot of attention to the band just the same. It is also very rare when any underground act of any substance gets to play on the same bill as a band like Metallica so it is impressive to say the least.

A self-titled début appeared in 2006 followed by ‘Universevil’ in 2008 and now I await their new album. I think if more people heard the band, they would be equally excited as I am about that prospect. Now to ‘Universevil’ – I will keep this fairly short as the album doesn’t need a long-winded review to do it justice. It is classic-metal and about as solid as you can get. The sound is 70’s but not in the same way as say…. Orchid is, Maligno do use Orange amps and all the vintage-sounding stuff required for an authentic classic sound but they also try to keep a bit of modern sound in there too and I don’t think there is another band around that have mastered that balance quite as well as this band. This man handling the sound for this album was Alan Douches (Mastodon/High on Fire etc) and he did a remarkable job, the sound is huge but real with no element of over-produced studio manipulation showing itself anywhere on the disc.


‘Universevil’ is just one killer track after another from mid-tempo stompers like the opening two tracks ‘The Red Witch’ and ‘Two Suns’ to the mind-bending epic metal of ‘Bloodworld.’ They also mixed it up a lot with the mellotron-laced ‘Astral Bacchanalia’ to the down and dirty boogie of ‘Dirty Black Suit’ that comes complete with cowbell. Elsewhere on the album, tracks like ‘Golden Demons’ and ‘Wait is to Fall’ just leave me speechless. The album of course is hardly original but if Orchid, Ghost and older bands like Witchcraft and The Sword can get the god-like status in the doom-world, then Maligno deserves to be right up there with them. Nothing against those bands by the way, just merely pointing out it is a mystery to me why Maligno are not given the same status. Now this review has been produced here for my love of the band and nothing more, they didn’t send me a promo and no label pushed me to review them. This is a ‘heads-up’ for all you folks out there to check them out now whether it be this album or the soon to be available (and hopefully reviewed by me)  ‘The Funeral Domine.’ If there is any band that has what it takes to be mainstream stars as well as adored by the underground doom/stoner metal scene, is it this band. Essential…9.5/10

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  1. I think you pretty much nailed it in your piece here, for me they're certainly one of the leaders in the Sabbath-ian field along with Orchid. Very much looking forward to the new album.

  2. Whoah, this sounds right up my alley, actually.

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