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Shortly after the super successful “Take the Curse” album from last year, Ramesses return with the second release for 2011. If you follow the band closely, by now, you probably know that these guys like to experiment. Always faithful to underground and extreme, Ramesses never forget to try new styles, change patterns and add elements from different influences even within each song. “Possessed by the Rise of Magik”, (the full length release for this year) pretty much follows the same experimental path of the 3 studio songs of the EP “Chrome Pineal”.

If you have missed the EP then this one will sound weird in the beginning that’s for sure. First of all there is extensive use of clear vocals. It is generally a bit slower, sounds less heavy and feels less extreme/death. Don’t get me wrong this is dark as hell, but the dark atmosphere here comes by different means. Another difference is that the production feels much more “live”. If you listen to “Take the Curse” again you’ll immediately sense that it is as if it was made in a small room. Perhaps this is why they chose to use this kind of album cover for “Possessed by the Rise of Magic”. Once you get used to the changes you’ll find that everything sounds familiar! For me this is one of the biggest achievements of this album. This means that the band has developed a personal signature beyond styles and experimentations.

The album begins with “Invisible Ritual”. It sounds like a mix between “Take the Curse” song and “Blazoned Fauna” from Chrome Pineal. Clear, chanting-like vocals, low-fi production, and a long solo near the end. This is a definite favorite of the album. My other picks would be “Sol Nocivo”, which is the most brutal song on the disk. It sets of with sirens of war and it’s quite slow and dark. Strangely enough I found myself digging “Safety in Numbness”. It is quite weird for a Ramesses song . In a way a very emotional one. It deals with feelings of mystery and despair.

I cannot really say that I found any hits on this album. I also cannot say that Ramesses reached their inspirational peak. Fans of Ramesses maybe have to give the album some time, but after a few plays you’ll see that it doesn’t fall below the high standards of a Ramesses release.
Review Written By Dr Doom Metal – ( Dr.Dooms Lair )

Ed – I have a few words to say about this….. (My Opinion)

Dr Doom Metal beat me to the reviewing of this album but I will share some of my thoughts as Ramesses are one of my favorite bands. This album has left me a bit disappointed and very puzzled. First up, they have taking a major risk with the changing of the vocal style for this album and dare I say it, Adam Richardson sounds like Mike Patton on a lot of this album. Luckily for me, I am not a big vocal fan and never usually pay attention to vocalists, I am a total guitar/bass/drum riff-head and in that regard, this album still delivers the goods for most of its running time. But yes, I have to say it, the vocals do impair the overall listening quality of this album. They just don’t fit most of the songs. There is a couple of tunes where the new vocal approach actually works, ‘Duel’ being of them. Vocals aside there is still some golden moments, ‘Invisible Ritual’ is a heavy, doom-laden tune and once you get past the initial shock of the new vocal style, it is a killer tune.

‘Plague Beak’ is another one of those Ramesses mind-bending doom tunes that the band does so well. The opening riff is so gargantuan, it simply crushes all and everything in its path. ‘Towers of Silence’ is a great track but it is marred by an incredibly whiney vocal take and you have to ask yourself, ‘what the hell were they thinking.’ The worse is saved for last, the 11 minute title track just doesn’t work. The last thing I want to happen is this band turn into a indie-goth type band but this is what most of this track sounds like to me. This track and other bit and pieces of music remind me too much of bands like The Cure and while the band still unleash some monster doom riffage here and there, there is too much emotional whining going on.

So whats the verdict? Musically, 80% of this album is still classic atmospheric doom metal but with some major bumps along the way but the new vocal style is a disaster, it just ruins the songs, the feel of the songs and some of the atmosphere. The songs sound watered-down because of it and they have gone too melancholic, what happened to the evil and the menace? Also it must be pointed out that the production is not too great either, everything sounds kind of buried and it doesn’t sound as powerfully dynamic as albums like Take The Curse’ and ‘Misanthropic Alchemy.’ It is still good enough to please most Ramesses fans including myself but Jeez those vocals are a major let-down. I think some folks out there will be left scratching their heads over this album. This album had the potential to be best Ramesses release ever but it’s not to be, I am confused and disappointed……6/10

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  1. I just heard this a couple of days ago and the reviews here are spot on especially Ed's, the music is good but the vocals are abysmal.

  2. This album is a giant screw-up! Sorry but you were both too kind, this is the biggest disappointment in a long time.

  3. Ramesses, take your time dammit! This is an occult experiment gone wrong in my book.

  4. So far I have yet found one person who approves of the bands new direction and I have spoke to many people about the album, so I know I am not alone on this. I thought their last release before this one was pretty good but they have largely lost me now.

  5. I am not crazy about the vocals either. Where is the anger??? But hell I could not tell you what most songs are about or even what the words are. The music has to speak to me. And the music on this album does speak!!

    I give the music a 8.5
    and the vocals a 4

  6. Like I said in the review 80% of the music is still good, just not as memorable as some of their earlier works. It is pretty hard to get past the vocals though on this one, I have heard worst but you don't expect it to be a issue with a band like this.

  7. When I first listen to the record I said wtf? Not only I didn't like the vocals style but also the songs themselves weren't that great.

    With time the record grew on me. I can't say I love it. Actually, it is the worst Ram work so far in matters of inspiration. I just believe that its not as horrible as many reviewers will hurry to write.

    Also I don't agree with the Gothic style comment.

    The band experimented a bit and it just didn't work out that great…

  8. Yeah I shouldn't have made the goth comment but I was just trying to say I would them to turn all emotional like one of those bands. I don't think they ever will but the vocals do hint at a more whiney, emotional kind of direction but lets just wait and see what happens. I listen to it again yesterday and there is still some classic riffage going on, it is just not at the same standard as past efforts.

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