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Here we go with the usual monthly round-up ~


ATOLAH, ETHEREAL RIFFIAN, ASTOR VOLTAIRIES, POMBAGIRA, CONDENADOS, PYLON, EL HIJO DE LA AURORA, GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH, SIGNO ROJO and KIMI KARKI from LORD VICAR……Thanks to Dr.Doom Metal, Aleks Evdokimov and John Wisniewski for putting this interviews together. They are all great interviews that are not to be missed.


A total of 67 albums were reviewed this month and there was gems in the bunch. Premonition 13, Abysmal Darkening, Black Oath, Maligno, Witch Mountain, Sourvein, Saturnalia Temple, Rise And Shine, Castle, and Bong being some of the bands providing highlights for May’s month of reviews.


Paul Robertson and Lee from The Sleeping Shaman supply us a full overview on the event with a comprehensive review on each day plus the Afterburner show. They also gave us great videos and photos. Saul Crowley also gave us his take on the show so no other site has more reviews on Roadburn than Doommantia, the coverage was sensational.


Thanks to Sarp Esin and John Wisniewski for joining the Doommantia team. Thanks also to Grimdoom for already giving us some much-needed and requested classic doom-metal reviews. Thanks also to our Canadian connection, Daryl Adolph – hope to read a lot more from him in the future.


Thanks to everyone who has worked hard over the last month supplying the great interviews and reviews. The regular writers, Aleks, Mari, Sandrijn, Mahesh, Dr Doom Metal and Adam – as usual, your dedication is priceless. Special thanks to Dr. Abner Mality from The Wormwood Chronicles for his support and help over the last month.


Well, we are way past the million now and slowly increasing our view count month by month. This month, an amazing 178,789 hits came our way. Not much to say except – thanks to all our dedicated readers as they make up the most of our views and thanks to the new people who recently discovered the site, keep coming back……Doom On – Ed
PS: This time last year we only got 18,222 hits for the month, a lot has changed in just one year!


The stats don’t include the hits for the forum but that has doubled in the last 2 months. Thanks to everyone for having a look but it would be even better if you would register and join in on the discussions.


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10 responses to “What Happened In May …

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  1. Like I said, always glad to be part of something greater than myself:) Reminds me that I have something to do in this world.

    And special thanks to Grimdoom for his marvelous contributions.

  2. Impressive stats but what would the total be for the month if you add the forum numbers? I think that is what other sites do to boost their figures.

    PS: Sorry I haven't joined the forum, I need to ASAP.

  3. Hey Josh,

    With the forum hits, it would push the total up to 250,000 or so for the month. I never add the forum stats though, just because forums are linked to the main site doesn't mean it is the same website.

  4. It has been an exceptional month. Lots of killer reviews and interviews. Beers and Bong hits to all the team!!

    If anybody can figure out a way to do some audio interviews and convert them to good quality mp3s, I would be stoked to post them on FOD!! Maybe using skype would work but not sure. As long as they are less than 30 minutes it shouldn't be a problem. I think this would be awesome. If anybody has any ideas gimme a shout!!!

  5. Funny you should mention that but I have been looking into doing that already. I download the program so I am ready to go. I had one possible interview lined up with Graveyard but it feel through at the last minute. I will keep on trying, the problem is of course is finding a time that suits both me and the band, I really only have maybe 2 hours late at night during the week and a few hours on the weekend when I can do it.

  6. We really need to some how make that happen. I really think people would dig it. No holds barred, uncensored real, live interviews.
    Think you could drop Dr. Doom and the other interviewers a note and see if they would be down? Or have any ideas?

  7. Yeah Dr Doom might be your best bet. See I gave up phone interviews because I am never near the phone long-enough to do it and I can't do it the interviews from work. I will spread the word though and see what happens.

  8. Hey guys!
    First of all congrats for the hits! Hard work really pays!

    Second, I was thinking about creating a doom web station during summer and then inviting doommantia, foundry of doom etc to have their show… My thought would be to have it all free no adds, so copyrights, royalties etc. is still an issue I haven't resolved yet!

    Since I am still not sure about the fate of this plan Foundry of Doom is the best place for doom music on the Internet right now!!!

    And yes, I'll try what you guys suggest!!! So far the only real obstacle is that I am not a native English speaker…We'll see how it will work through experimentation 🙂


  9. Sounds good Dr. Doom. I have been wanting to do this for sometime now. But like Ed I haven't the time to do the interview. Are you on facebook Dr. Doom? Look me up if so @ Foundry ODoom

  10. Hey Ed, Dr. Doom check this link out http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/07/how-to-record-phone-calls-for-free-with-google-voice/

    I'm not sure about quality of the audio but this looks free and is already in mp3 format

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