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Avernus, in all their past, mid & later parts, was an amazing musical force; and in their early years established the fact that Americans; not only had a few up and coming Doom/Death acts that were highly original, but also able to standup to the Peaceville three.

In the “Sadness” demo we hear (surprisingly) good production as well as well crafted music. It was stated in an interview with their lead singer that the four songs on the demo were written outright and never altered or changed. Specifically that they wrote a song and then ran into the studio and recorded it. This is unique in the fact that typically when a band writes a song they go over it a million times and change everything about it; more often then not resulting in something that sounds a million miles away from what they had started with.

The guitars are thick, heavy, dark and mournful. There aren’t any solos but the leads (done on a keyboard preformed by the singer) are haunting and sad. The songs are very minimalistic, not so much repetitive but involved. The bass does its own thing a fair amount of the time while keeping true to the song structures. The drums are creative and amazing. They never get tedious or repetitive and always display an underlying sense of brooding darkness. Over all the music here is depressing and beautiful while still retaining a certain toughness that permeates various parts of each song.

The vocals are brutal and intense. They are delivered with integrity & ferocity and switch between death and spoken word. The lyrics are poetic and well written. Rick really is a stand alone with no real peers per se.

The only let down here is that Kim Goss does her typical uninspired, untalented/untrained and over all boring vocals. She is the only reason this album would get a zero rating. This is possibly her first recording in a professional setting as well. Apparently they had to redo her vocals countless times to get listenable takes.

Aside from Goss’ laughably inconsequential “contributions” the only real points of contention are that some 2-3 of the 4 songs tend to drag around the middle to end. Not that they aren’t listenable but that they could’ve done more had they spent a little more time refining what they were doing. This demo made Avernus a legitimate American Doom/Death Metal establishment. In conclusion, this album (later released in full on the compilation “Where Sleeping Shadows Lie”) is worth hunting down on cassette. This recording is simply amazing and it’s a crime that this band never got the recognition they deserved. This gets an 8/10
Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted June 2, 2011 by doommantia in Avernus

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