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A nice release on the ever interesting Psychedoomelic Records (a doom metal label from Austria). What you get on this release is some pretty straightforward classic doom with nice mid-range vocals and ‘simple’, heavy tracks with pretty, thunderous riffs. Hailing from Poland (not to be confused by Seattle’s Evangelist), Evangelist’s IN PARTIBUS INFIDELIUM is the band’s début album.

Planned for release by the end of June, IN PARTIBUS INFIDELIUM is a neat slab of epic doom that will satisfy both the experienced doom listener, as the uninitiated newcomer to doom metal. The music presented on IN PARTIBUS INFIDELIUM is pretty timeless, and could well have been made either twenty years back, or twenty years into the future. The album shreds from beginning to end and lasts just over forty minutes.

According to the information sheet, Evangelist is the first epic heavy/doom metal band from Poland. Psychedoomelic Records states that Evangelist’s sound is deeply anchored in classics like Black Sabbath, Candlemass etc, so we are to “expect epic guitar riffs, dirty and barbaric bass and drums of doom.” In my ears, that’s certainly true. This is doom done ‘the old way’, and I like it a lot.

IN PARTIBUS INFIDELIUM was recorded between October 2009 and March 2011 and the artwork was done by Xaay (of Nile and Behemoth fame). I think the Candlemass reference is spot on, you can hear a lot of similarities in terms of tempo, riffs & vocals. Maybe the solos are less on the foreground in Evangelist’s case as they are on the Candlemass albums. It’s really a strong release in terms of production, artwork, presentation and, of course, song material.
Alas, there’s not a lot of information that I can give you about this band. No interviews, no YouTube material, no information on Last.Fm, nor on http://www.metal-archives.com. There’s one review of this album in Greek, but it doesn’t add a lot to what we know already. The review stresses the Candlemass link, and that’s certainly true, as we have seen. So basically that leaves us with the six tracks of the album, which thematically show clearly the influence of H.P. Lovecraft. For example: Cthulhu Rising, track number five.

My only problem with this album is, that I can’t exactly estimate what the long-term effects of this album will be. In terms of quality this is an excellent debut. But what I learned while listening to and writing about awesome new bands, is that there are a LOT interesting bands out there (old & new of course). So ideally, this release should be accompanied intensive touring (a.k.a. touring your ass off), and making a lasting impression on your doomy public. There are no shows planned according to their MySpace, but I hope to be able to see them live in Holland, Belgium or Germany. In the meantime: great album, so go check them out and give these Polish doom metallers a well-deserved chance!
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever

8 / 10

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Posted June 3, 2011 by doommantia in Evangelist

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