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Doom Metal is an art form… how else can you describe it? It is a style of metal that is 100% based upon the pure feel, strength and talent the band playing it can muster… that is where My countrymen Lacrimae Mortalium seems to shine. Sung entirely in french( except for a few short words here and there in English), this Canadian band seems to have hit on the right formula for making some of the best Doom Metal. Sounding like a convergence of Candlemass, Novembers Doom and some odd shadings of Cradle of Filth with this harsh and massively powerful and looming Death Metal vocals overtop of it all. Being sung in their native french-Canadian tongue, makes the whole album feel even more evil for some reason.

Each song seems to breath and move as if alive, when you add in some of the professional production that I have come across in a very long tome… it makes this album stand out as a benchmark of a perfect Doom record. It is dank, evil filled and sardonic… a truly perfect melding into unspeakable unholy strains that send you into the pits of despair and darkness… even if you do not speak a word of French. When you can enjoy an album spoke in a language you don’t speak… it says something about that band.

I have to say with total honesty… only band that I have loved this much right from the start was Swedish Doom masters Candlemass. I never thought a band could top my favourite band of all time, yet it was this Quebec based band that has. Lacrimae Mortalium are the ones to watch not only in Doom, but metal in general. As redundant as it sounds, I have to do my job and tell you all to go and buy the album.
I go for a cold beer now…. my job is done.
Rating: 9.4/10
Review Written By Daryl Adolph



Posted June 4, 2011 by doommantia in Lacrimae Mortalium

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