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It’s time for something profoundly different, and to get to how that is so, we have to get to who Borracho are. Boraccho, whom I have stumbled upon all thanks to the Soda Shop, are a stoner rock quartet from Washington DC, who have released three songs through their website and bandcamp, and are in the process of recording their début (titled The Splitting Sky). Since they don’t formally have anything besides a split with Adam West (the first track on the review) I will be reviewing their three songs and map out Borracho’s style through that.

The first is the song in the split, “Rectify.” Like the other two tracks, it showcases that Borrracho are one of those bands who wear their hard rock influences on their sleeve. You get thundering bass, fat and fuzzy guitar churning out riffs, drums that cover the rhythm section well enough and adds a bit of a flavor by themselves, and shouted vocals that benefit from being throaty enough to excite you, but not raw enough to be a minus. Though at this track, the vocals can get a bit James Hetfield-like at times, the song compensates for that by groovin’ along.

Then, is “Concentric Circles” which is a subtle, comfortable stomper with classical, all fuzzed-up hard rock riffs and well…. rock. The band alternates here between stomping and grooving, catching the rhythm and letting it ride, and this song has a very nice, very warm solo in it, too. The vocals are exceptional here, especially in this bit near the end where the vocals take the lead. It’ll get your blood circulating a bit faster and your foot tapping or head nodding, it’s nice.

The final track, “Never Get it Right” (which appears as “get it rite” for some reason) is the track wherein Borracho display some of the “doom” they mention on their website, or rather, the doomier side of their music. It’s not doomier-than-though heaviness, but rather the introduction of doom elements into the Borracho sound. It starts out slow, groovy, and after mid-point, kicks into high gear and starts stompin’ before slowing down again. The throaty vocals, lumbering bass, this is doom-and-hard-rock influenced stoner rock at it’s best.

But the best thing about every single one of those songs is that they are, in one word, immersive. Maybe it’s the stylistic cues, or that the music isn’t seeking to be loud, just adequate, I don’t know – what I do know is that you feel right at home with Borracho. It’s accessible, it’s comfortable, feels almost like home. If that’s your thing, go for it. If not, still go for it. Don’t expect it to reinvent the Wheel, just to keep you rollin’ and rockin’. I’m looking forward to their début (to be released June 28) with earnest. 9.5/10, easy.

(Note: The cover image says “Rectify” because it’s the cover of that song, I couldn’t find something neutral and didn’t want to put the cover to their upcoming full-length here.)
Review Written By Sarp Esin

Borracho @ Facebook


Posted June 5, 2011 by doommantia in Borracho

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  1. Awesome write up. I just reviewed Splitting Sky and if you like the 3 tracks they had available on their site, you're going to be blown away by Splitting Sky.

  2. Well, I certainly hope so. It's not often that you come across dudes who are this comfortable in their skin, who make you at home with their sound. Well, not unless you have passing familiarity with certain things, which I certainly do not:) And besides, far as stoner rock goes, I just expect it to rock me, and roll me, and they do it well:)

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