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Alright for the next few minutes, I am going to come off as a bit of an asshole reviewer but I have tried so much to like this album by Abyssphere and honestly, it just gets worse with every spin. The problems I have is not the musicianship, the production, not even the clean vocal sections which sound like they would be better off in a bubble-gum pop act, even the fact, the songs are sung in Russian doesn’t bother me. All lyrics are in Russian, also the titles, except for just one track. The real problem I have is the total predictably of the style which is melodic gothic death doom and I am using the ‘doom’ tag very loosely here. The band has a huge line-up – they have a vocalist (Alexandr Yakovlev), a guitarist Konstantin Tsygankov who handles the clean vocals. There is a bass player and second guitarist, there is also a violinist Michael and there is drummer and two keyboard players. All this gives the band an orchestral feel but the songs just bored me to tears.

The band plays an extremely light and accessible kind of gothic doom-pop for the want of a better description. There is no malice, nothing sinister and the clean vocal passages in particular make the band sound very lightweight indeed. Of course you hear a combination of black-metal growls and clean vocals but hey, I saw that coming within seconds of hitting play for the first time. The only positive thing I got out of this album is some of the melodies and they are very good musicians but the songs just sound incredibly weak to me. It doesn’t help that they include a cover of Charon’s ‘As We Die’ which in my mind was a weak song to begin with and Abyssphere doesn’t do anything to improve that situation. Of course reviews are very subjective and are down to personal taste, mood and stylistic opinions but this album does nothing for me at all. I will give it a rating of 3/10 and even then I am being very kind.



Posted June 6, 2011 by doommantia in Abyssphere

2 responses to “Abyssphere – Shadows And Dreams …

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  1. It doesn't help when the band looks like they just step out of boyz to men or some other boy-band lol.

  2. Cough Cough Paradise Lost…………

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