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There is something going on in Canada lately. So many cool doom/stoner acts can’t be a coincidence. But sludge from Canada? Now you’ve seen everything! The 3-piece from Montreal call themselves Dopethrone. Well, obviously these guys will never win the prize of originality for the band name category. Actually, neither their music will! But hell, with this kind of riffage who gives a shit about prizes!

First of all after listening to “Demonsmoke” I can see that “Dark Foil” is a huge step forward for the band. It moves somewhere between Weedeater and Church of Misery. Not as heavy as the first nor as groovy as the second but certainly with a nice addictive style. The definite advantage of the disk lies in the songwriting department. These guys know how to write catchy songs. “Dark Foil” the album opener makes you sing along and may get stuck in your mind. “Cosecha De Sangre” makes you wanna jump from your chair and bang your head! Nice southern attitude and some really cool lines from b-rate horror movies! Everything is totally professional and my kudos to the band since this is a self-release title. You’ll also find a cover for “Ain’t no Sunshine” which I consider a bit “too much” if you know what I mean. Again, “Dark Foil” is not something new and I believe that more than often you’ll find yourselves wondering what this riff reminds you of. Nevertheless, it’s the package as a whole that makes the difference!

One of the best surprises for me so far! You’ll find it roaming wild somewhere on the Internet, plus it only costs 6$ at their bandcamp site, so don’t miss it. It’s all about drugs and liqueur…
Review Written By Dr.Doom Metal ( Dr.Dooms Lair )

Editor’s Note: I can’t let a review of one of the all-time heaviest albums go by without putting in a few words. This band has really grown and progressed since they first appeared out of Canada in a thick haze of dope-smoke. I always thought they were good and had serious potential but this album goes way beyond expectations. Heavy as f**k and with a sound and production to make you shi*, this beast is a monster of an album. It is not original and musically it is largely full of riffs that could have come from any Buzzov•en, Bongzilla, Sourvein, Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Church Of Misery album but it is all done so well and played with such menace and crippling power, it is awe-inspiring. This is a keeper …..9.5/10
( Ed Barnard )

Dopethrone @ Myspace
Dopethrone @ Bandcamp


Posted June 6, 2011 by doommantia in Dopethrone

3 responses to “Dopethrone – Dark Foil

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  1. Hell yeah this album is so catchy

  2. Demonsmoke was pretty damn awesome.
    Dark Foil is Real frikin awesome.
    The next one will just blow our fukn minds!!!!

  3. So fucking PUNISHING…
    my favorite release of 2011 so far)))

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