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I had been craving something that was VERY heavy for awhile now. All of my favourite heavy, doomed to the max albums were not quite up to the task as of late. Luckily I was given the San Francisco based Funeral/Dirge/death/Doom Metal band Lycus assigned to me for review… and I have to thank Ed(the editor here) for ending up satisfying my heaviness craving. To start off, I have not heard such an incredibly heavy, brutally hard band like this ever… Lycus has perfected what it is to be ‘heavy’ all by themselves. With strong droning guitars that are heavier than any I can think of, there are also this surprising amount of pure melodies to go along with the Death Metal-eque vocals that add to the abrasive and acidic heaviness the band ponies up – the band true stands out as the most evilest sounding.

With only three songs offered up here, some might say that it is not enough to make a proper decision on a review… one listen, and anyone would agree that is more than enough. Each track is longer than seven minutes, yet they holds you it its gauntlet grasp, while slowly beating you senseless with a heavy weapon all the while draining your soul of its life forces. Each morose, sinisterly depressive note with the gravely strong vocal lines driving everything into a higher standard than any doom before. This is doom… this is true darkness. In the world of Doom… I think we have finally found the band that epitomizes the genre in Lycus. Doom fan or not, any metalhead should experience the dark heaviness of this band. I have, and now I wait for the next release with anticipation. I salute the Doom Gods for this band… I am now satisfied… my heavy need has been satisfied many times over.
Rating: 9.8 out of 10
Review Written By Daryl Adolph

Lycus @ Bandcamp


Posted June 6, 2011 by doommantia in Lycus

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