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With the release of their album Beyond Ancient Space, Newcastle foursome Bong have crafted one of the best Psychedelic/Drone albums of 2011. Kicking off the album ‘Onward to Perdóndaris’ opens with lingering guitar notes and tinges of psychedelia, these perfectly establish the mood and tone of the album. As a dark poem interrupts these trippy sounds, the bludgeoning bass kicks in and the listener is blasted into space. Through what seems like an endless passage of time the sound of chanting rises up from the mix, and these monk like chants become incredibly immersive and add to the albums dreamlike quality.

As the album progresses it becomes easy to drift away on its bleak, yet spiritual sounds. Riffs that are introduced at the beginning of the album are resurrected later, with full bludgeoning force. As with many Drone bands there is a light structure and improvised feel to these three songs, this is one of the pleasure of the album, notes drift in and out while the drums build on the albums ethereal pleasure. While the introduction of the Sitar on the opening track, adds a haunting aesthetic to the music.

The albums slow and monolithic soundscapes conjure up dark and foreboding imagery, which are highly cinematic. It’s fair to say these songs are lengthy, ‘Onward to Perdóndaris’ clocks in at 25minutes while the other tracks ‘Across The Timestream’ and ‘In the Shadow of the Towers’ come in at the 25 and 30 minute mark, so don’t expect structured solos and mid-eighths. Although the album is long, it never feels it as the listener is swept away in a thick blanket of sound that all time sinks away.

Bongs latest smoke fuelled opus is a stunning album, and proves these lads understand the delicate balance between heavy droning riffs and psychedelic sounds. While newcomers may find to the band hard to stomach find Beyond Ancient Space, die-hard fanatics and Drone Metal fans will be reaching for the nearest bong. Beyond Ancient Space is voluminous, monolithic and much more.

Review Written By Saul Crowley

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Posted June 9, 2011 by doommantia in Bong

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