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The Middle East has had a few surprises in the way of Heavy Metal. You have Orphaned Land & Salem who are perhaps the best known from this part of the world. In more recent years there have been a lot more bands popping up from said part of the world but if you are unaware of Substance for God, you are seriously missing out however.

This Doom/Death album is unique for several reasons, first off the production is alright (nothing to get excited about) but the music isn’t dreary, it’s rather upbeat. Another is that the band (seemingly) tunes to standard, which is typically not done in the “Extreme” Metal world. Another is the vocalist is extremely good. All these and the ability to write really good songs makes for one great listen.

The guitars have a semi-laidback feel to them, with a few passing nods to Paradise Lost, specifically ‘Icon’ era. There are a couple of solos and several harmonies. The guitars balance the usage of crunch to open chorded patters in their riffs. The drums are very sharp and never sound muddied. The bass is rather standard throughout the whole mix. The songs are (on average) moderately slow to slow and sound very European in sound, opting to ignore their homelands traditional musical elements for those of their influences.

The vocals are devastating and quite remarkable in the fact that the singer holds low growls for extended periods of time in each song all the while his voice never cracks. He has a few spoken word parts and even sings a little, this in tandem with a female vocalist.

The songs as a group or by themselves are very strong and very consistent. This album doesn’t drag and is well worth hunting down. Another surprise is that the album really isn’t a depressing affair, but rather more of a ponderous journey with a few sad moments interspersed through simplistic yet epic tapestry. A fine début from a band on the other side of the world, good luck finding it! This gets a 9/10.
Review Written By Grimdoom

Editors Note: Website unknown and the band split in 1996. If there is any info or perhaps even a fan-site, send the details to me and I will get them published.


Posted June 9, 2011 by doommantia in Substance for God

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