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It’s nice to be aware again of the amount of talent coming out of Holland. Where I almost gave up on ‘Dutch’ music – or: music originating from the Netherlands – I’m now happily in love with bands like The Devil’s Blood, Urfaust and recently I’m very impressed by the new Herder album, featuring members of Devil’s Blood und Urfaust. Luckily I was introduced to the Motorwolf label by the Motorwolf hoodie wearing Job. Managed by the ever so busy Guy Tavares (The Hague/Den Haag), from (amongst many others) Orange Sunshine, the Motorwolf label is very interesting and diverse to say the least. For our Dutch readers, there is a great interview on Vice with Guy Tavares: Here . King of early nineties, underground techno (I wasn’t aware till I read the above interview that he produced the great I-F), Tavares produces, write’s & practices music. And he spins records.

This collection features some great international acts like Annihilation Time, Church Of Misery and Twin Earth (with specific Motorwolf recordings), alongside awesome Dutch bands like Adolf Butler, Santa Cruz and Grand Voice. Impossible to sum it all up in just a few lines, but think of heavy spaced out buzz, pissed off punk, heavy alternative and doom. It’s best to listen to this compilation for yourselves really.
Blues Junkies is unadulterated Motorhead, Annihilation Time is of course a class of its own, but I’m really taken by the Orange Sunshine, Santa Cruz, Church Of Misery and Twin Earth tracks. Orange Sunshine is this great mammoth of woolly fuzz and doped out atmosphere, where time takes on another dimension. I remember seeing them playing live in Eindhoven a couple of years back: great live band. Orange Sunshine may well have been living and recording in the late sixties, early seventies..

Lucid is noisy & spacey rock (never heard of ‘m but their contribution to Drug Rock Motorpunk III is awesome), and Twin Earth is of supreme matter. Heavy progressive rock with a lot of space and an experimental, yet raw feel to it. Church Of Misery’s Fish is doom heaven, brutally thrashing around in the rock ‘n roll kingdom. Closer is Santa Cruz is spaced out awesome, and we’re all looking forward to the new Cruz’ release!

You get a big fat collection with 21 great tracks, lasting a good one hour and seventeen minutes. The compilation reminds you of why you went to the underground in the first place.

8 / 10
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever



Posted June 10, 2011 by doommantia in Motorwolf

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