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It is pretty rare when an album comes out of nowhere and blows you away. Usually you have some kind of knowledge on the band before-hand but this bands Thorr-Axe have delivered their ‘Wall Of Spears’ with very little fanfare or fuss and it is simply one of the albums of the year and if you don’t rush out and get this, you are a complete nutter. Thorr-Axe want you to hear so hear this so much, they have approved download versions of it to be posted all over the Internet and you can find this monster of an album everywhere right now.

I recommend you head over to Stonerrobixxx for your download. Not only it is a high bitrate version, it is the premier download-blog in my opinion for doom, stoner and sludge metal, sorry Sludge Swamp but Robin is the king (just). The CD comes beautifully packaged with great artwork and the production on this album kills. For such a fresh, young new band, Thorr-Axe have done an incredible job with ‘Wall Of Spears’ but as usual with this genre of music, it is all about the riffs and this album is packed to the brim of killer riffage that will make your head spin.

Thorr-Axe writes music all about dragons, wizards, beer, and vikings so they had me interested right there but what is thrown at you via the music is jaw-dropping sonic intensity. Think of the very best songs from The Sword and the most intense early High On Fire tunes mixed with Ocean Chief, Sleep, Elder and some pure sabbathian doom and you get something like Thorr-Axe, this is a back to back riff-lovers dream come true. As Robin from Stonerobixxx pointed out in his review for this album, it is great to hear old tracks given the production and sound they deserve. They released a demo in 2010 titled ‘Roots Of The Mountain’ and this is a major step-up from that, so major that sometimes it almost sounds like a different band all together. The improvement is not just a production-thing, it is also in the playing. The band is on fire throughout this album, playing with an energy and a passion that wasn’t there so much on the 2010 demo.

Doing a track-by-track analysis is pointless because the entire album is basically the same but in a good way. There is tempo-changes, fast and slow break-downs within the songs and there is infectious grooves and more hooks that you can possibly imagine. There is nothing innovative or original but the quality of the songwriting and the performance more than makes up for that. To think this band is still so young is frightening, the future of the band looks really exciting and I can’t wait to hear what Thorr-Axe does next. You can download the album at Stonerrobixxx or buy the CD at CD Baby and I suggest you do both. This is essential and one of the best début albums ever released……….10/10

Thorr-Axe @ Reverbnation


Posted June 11, 2011 by doommantia in Thorr-Axe

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