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BIO: Arlington/Texas based project headed by guitarist John Perez who is mainly busy playing heavy doom with bands like SOLITUDE AETURNUS and SORROWS PATH. Perez formed LIQUID SOUND COMPANY in the 1990s to be able to make some mind-expanding music which means interfacing psychedelic and space rock.

Rockadelic Records released the debut album ‘Exploring The Psychedelic’ in 1996 where Perez is supported by Teri Pritchard (bass) and drummer Jason Spradlin. Abandoning keyboards respectively synths they are offering quite diversified songs with pretty minimalistic stuff but also heavy fuzz guitars, oriental influences and hypnotic elements. The album was later (2005) re-released by german Nasoni label on vinyl.

Although the band wasn’t steady at all during the following years they could release another effort in 2002 named ‘Inside The Acid Temple’ – this time with Moog support by new bass player David Fargason. Improved compared to the predecessor album they are covering the complete genre bandwith from west coast psychedelic to the heavier Hawkwind territory.
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John Wisniewski put this interview together with John Perez, better known as guitarist for Solitude Aeturnus but he is also in Liquid Sound Company which is mainly what this all-too short interview is about….

 >1) Hell John. There is a different  sound to Liquid Sound Company-different I mean from Solitude Aeturnus. Why did you decide to record this kind of music?

I’ve been a fan of psychedelic oriented rock since as long as I’ve been nto metal and hard rock.  Probably since I was about 11-12 years old!  I bought as many psych records as my paper route money would allow.  So uring the late 70’s I was buying Black Sabbath, Judas Priest albums AND 13th Floor Elevators, Jefferson Airplane, Blues Magoos etc…  I’ve just always like the music and attitude in the more wild and crazy sounds of psychedelic music.  I decided to make some of my own recordings in the mid 90’s simply for my own amusement!

> 2) Who else joins you on the record?

My good friend and most excellent drummer Jason Spradlin has been with me since the start.  Jason is a huge music fan and is very much into the same kinds of metal and psych music that I’m into.  He also played in progressive doom band Last Chapter (two albums on Brainticket) and now in Herd of Instinct.  LSC has an open door policy, people can come and go as they please and/or as we need.  At current time, we’ll be doing some live shows with Mark Cook on second guitar and Dave Fargason (who played on the second album) on bass.

> 3) How do you think your followers and fans will take to Liquid Sound company ?

I’ve found that many SA fans really like the LSC stuff.   Some of the LSC songs have similar roots to the SA songs as well (middle eastern, oriental flavored tracks) and I think this connects some of the SA fans.  I of course, want everyone to like it, but maybe it’s only for the SA fan that is curious about other types of mind altering music.  (doom metal for me s mind altering by the way!).

> 4) Any new bands that you like on the current scene?

There is always a great variety and selection of quality psychedlic rock bands past and present!! I’ve very much been into underground and bands past and present!! I’ve very much been into underground and overground psych rock all these years and still am!!  Right now I’ve been constantly listening the new album from Texas band The Black Angels.  Also the Quarter After from L.A., Asteroid #4 new album as well.

> 5) Has Liquid Sound Company made you want to listen to diffent kinds of music ?

I’ve always been attracted to different forms of rock music mainly.  I do love all kinds of music, I appreciate it for what it is, however I mostly always come back to some form of rock or experimental music.  My musical tastes are very diverse and all over the map so to speak.  Weird strange and challenging things like Nocturnal Emissions, Zoviet France, Fields of the Nephilhem, through XTC, the Beatles and Cloud Eleven.

> 6) What lies in the future for Liquid Sound?

Do some live shows finally and record a brand new album that will prove to be the most mind blowing thing we have ever done!!

> 7) What are some of your alltime favorite albums?

Holy shit, this is always a difficult question!  Aside from the obvious METAL albums, I’ll keep this to and all time psych fave since this is an LSC interview!  So many great albums but I could at least tell you a few that are just so utterly mind expanding that you cannot deny the impact on the brain!

Grateful Dead – Anthem of the Sun
Word of Life – Further Ahead
Vibrasonic – S/T
Spacious Mind – Cosmic Mind at Play
Dukes of Stratosphere – 25 O’ Clock
Unfolding – How to Blow Your Mind
Group 1850 – Polyandri
Agitation Free – Last
Freak Scene – Psychedelic Psoul
Dead Flowers – Altered State Circus

> 8)  Any trippy kinds of films that may influence you as well?

Jodorwosky’s Holy Mountain pretty much destroyed my brain years ago!  So does his film Sante Sangre!  Also things like, Head, The Acid Eaters, Fantastic Planet and Psych Out pretty much rule as well!!

Interview By John Wisniewski

LSC @ Myspace


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