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You will probably want to kill me for reviewing this just now but this killer 7″ split from Hooded Menace and Asphyx is either sold-out or very close to being sold out. Released on 500 pictured vinyl’s and 500 plain black vinyl’s, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they are indeed all gone as this is a short but killer 7 inch in a glorious package. The Hooded Menace track ‘Abode Of The Grotesque’ comes from the ‘Never Cross The Dead’ sessions so it has hung around for a long-time and quite overdue for its release to the public.
It must have been torture for Lasse & Co to have this track lying around for all this time as this is classic Hooded Menace. No big surprises with the track, it follows in the same vein as other tracks from the ‘Never Cross The Dead’ album but it is a killer track and sounds incredibly thick and loud on the 7″ vinyl. This band is really suited to releasing their brand of horror death-doom in this format, their sound really comes to life. It is also important to say at least from the point of view of Hooded Menace that this is a landmark release for them. Asphyx is a big influence on Lasse and on the sound of Hooded Menace so it is great to see these two bands together on this split.

Hooded Menace main man Lasse Pyykkö had this to say about the track; “We recorded 11 songs during the ‘Never Cross the Dead’ recording sessions in late 2009. We had in mind to use two of them for split releases purposes, one with Coffins and one with Asphyx. It was clear we had to use “The Haunted Ossuary” for our split with Coffins split as it sounded like a perfect song for it but when came the time to decide which track we’d use for the one with Asphyx, the task proved to be harder. We had two choices: “Terror Castle” or “Abode of the Grotesque” and finally went for the latter. “Abode” would have been very cool track for ‘Never Cross the Dead’ but “Terror Castle” seemed a little more important for the entirety of the album. So, we definitely have a strong song here on this split with one of the most influential bands for us, the good old Dutch death/doom dealers Asphyx, and we better have…. You know, IT IS the mighty Asphyx, goddamit! Stoooked!!!”

The Asphyx track ‘We Doom You To Death’ is their first recording with new bass player Alwin Zuur and it is a masterpiece of horrific death-doom lasting some 7 ear-shattering minutes. It is insanely heavy and slow and it makes you wonder why Asphyx don’t get name-checked as one of the all time greatest bands in the death-doom genre. The band has always been about  aggressive riffy devastation that is simple but uncompromising. If you have never heard Asphyx I would recommend you seek out the ‘Depths of Eternity’ compilation which is a great starting point or if you have enough spare cash, get the ‘Abomination Echoes’ compilation. This is a seven-inch vinyl box set including a 20 page booklet with lyrics, liner notes by the band, old flyer designs and more. The set also includes a previously unreleased track. I am not 100% sure if this box-set is still available but it is worth looking for.

Hooded Menace and Asphyx sharing the same vinyl, sounds lethal and it is. A must have for death-doom fanatics…….9.5/10

Asphyx Official Website
Asphyx @ MySpace
Hooded Menace @ Official Blog
Hooded Menace @ MySpace


Posted June 13, 2011 by doommantia in Asphyx, Hooded Menace

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