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Hello, my name is Blair Gibson and I’m an aspiring author/metal head from a place called Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I recently just finished compiling a book called “From the Minds of Madness: The origins of heavy metal band names.”
    Over the past two years, I have e-mailed a slew of heavy metal bands from every genre there is.  I have contacted bands in black metal, death metal, doom metal, power metal, stoner rock and the list goes on and on.
    I contacted each band personally either through their Myspace, Facebook or the bands official website.  I asked them “How did you come up with your band name and why did you choose it?”  This book answers those questions.
    I included their answers as they were sent back to me.  I e-mailed these bands and many others over the last two years and compiled a list of over 350 bands to be included in this book.  I also had a local artist do up a cover for the book as well.
    The book’s foreword is by Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride.

The hard copy of the book sells for $15.00 while the digital download eBook version only costs $5.00.  I think I have a novel idea here as I haven’t seen or read any similar books on this subject.  Metal heads and music lovers in general would love this book as it is a very interesting and humourous read on how some of these bands actually came up with their names.


Well book reviews is not exactly my speciality but I read this book in just one sitting and it is a fascinating and sometimes amusing read on how bands got their names. We have all wondered about the origins of weird band names like Fatso Jetson, Sleestak or The Grasshopper Lies Heavy but even basic band names have a story behind them. Did you know for example that Acid King got their name from the book ‘Say You Love Satan’ which is based on a character of Ricky Kasso nicknamed the Acid King. Did you know that Borgo Pass is actually the passageway to Dracula’s castle or did you know that the ‘mammut’ in Ufomammut is Italian for ‘mammoth’? These are just 3 out of the 100’s of interesting facts that this book has to offer. The book covers all genres of metal from glam to NWOBHM to thrash to doom-metal and everything in-between but it also bypasses some of the more obvious and well-known band-name stories so it is not like you will be reading something you have read a million times before.

A hell of a lot of work has gone into this from the gathering of the information through to the contacting of bands which is itself a massive task but the author has also collected a huge array of band logos to go along with each band featured. As a reference book for music writers or just a ‘fun-read’ for metal-junkies like myself, this book is fantastic and some of it is hilarious. On the surface, it may seem like a trivial concept for a book but that is until for start reading and I promise you won’t be able to put it down. Highly recommend you check this book out.

Click Here To Buy From the Minds of Madness: The origins of heavy metal band names


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  1. awesome, glad to see this finally came out!

  2. Oh, nice! I bought the digital copy of this book last year when Renrats made a post about it on behalf of the author. It is so nice to see that this curious and definitely charming book is actually been released as solid copy as well! (I love “solid” books, eh eh …)

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