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Italians are fast becoming a major force in all brackets of metal, especially in the metal underground. Besides amazing pasta dishes and good wine, these Mediterraneans can bring the masses metal that has a leg up on most. With that in mind, we look in on La Cuenta, and marvel at another slice of Italian Metal pie.

This band plays some rather unorthodox Doom/Stoner Metal, stretching the boundaries of metal far. It is a mix of artistic licence, ambient heaviness, droning pain and thundering doom with smattering of almost a psycedellia sort of vibe as well. It is stoner taken into a place where pain and confusion mix and add in depression as well, and clearly we are all taken along for the ride of our lives with La Cuenta being the tour guide into this very darkened place.

There are only three tracks on this CD… and each are longer than 12 minutes in length. These songs literally lurches, stomps and trods on your very mind with almost a droning power that is hard to express.

It is almost a Droning funeral type of doom, set to a world of pure pain being seen through a haze of massive drugs and a heavy depression as well. Just one listen to it, and you find yourself scared as all hell… but unable to tear yourself away.

Doom fans will love this album in all of its sludge laden glory, and we will look forward to the next instalment. I have not found a Drone/Doom Metal album I have liked in the past year or two… that has changed, trust me. La Cuenta is different… and I like that.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Review Written By Daryl Adolph

La Cuenta @ Myspace
UTU Conspiracy @ Myspace


Posted June 14, 2011 by doommantia in La Cuenta

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  1. Ah, eventually someone sharing my opinion about this album and this band!
    I had made a post about La Cuenta two weeks ago on Sludgeswamp, and in connection to an Italian blog that had spread the news for the band.
    No utters.
    As I wrote, I thought it was an excellent album.

    Incredibly some much lower quality albums get more enthusiastic comments, or even comments.
    So one starts wondering about one's own taste, if any …

    Thanks, I feel better now, not so lonely … 🙂

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