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Acid King are legends within the doom, stoner, sludge rock scenes, that goes without saying. Since being formed in 1993 by frontwoman Lori S., drummer Joey Osbourne and bassist Peter Lucas, the band havent produced a ton of albums but they have all been hugely influential releases. ‘Busse Woods’ released in 1999 still remains one the finest albums ever made in the genre in my opinion. John Wisniewski got this interview together with drummer Joey Osbourne.

1) Could you tell us about your latest band “Saturn Returns”?

It consists of the songwriter/guitarist Eric Peterson who used to play w/ Lost Goat and Nite after Nite. Max Barnett plays bass and also plays w/ Hammers of Misfortune and a Grift of a Curse. He used to be in SF metal legends Old Grandad. We also enjoy Marc Sieling’s presence on pedal/lap steel and whatever other instrument he wants to play. We’ve also had Sean Kohler contribute in the past on guitar/vocals who currently plays w/ Walken.

The sound is a kind of dark folk rock. Is this a departure from the other bands that you have played with over the years?

It’s definitely a departure from the bands I’ve played w/ over the past 18 or so years,i.e. Altamont and Men of (Porn), Triple X (X cover band). It’s very vocally layered and we work hard on having a varietal of songs but it does tend to be on the darker/moodier side. I do back up vocals and actually play a smaller set for this band. I play a Gretsch kit that used to be owned/played by one of Maria Muldaur’s drummers, Joey Rampone. He’s got a great first name!!

2) Can we return back to the days of Acid King.


When was that band formed?

18 years ago in 1993 at a veggie burrito party in which Lori stood up and yelled ‘does anybody play drums?’. I replied ‘I do’ and the rest is history. We’ve been fortunate enough to play Europe 3-4 times, Japan, Australia and even Greece as of late. We played the Roadburn festival in Holland this April and toured w/ ex Zen Guerilla rock lords/new psych rock instrumental band Carlton Melton.

Where does the name come from?

It’s the self titled name of stoner/rocker/murderer Ricky Kasso. a book called ‘Say you Love Satan’ was written about his shenanigans. Very Charlie Manson type story. Lori fell in love w/ the story and thus the name sake.

3) Did the band members agree on what Acid King should sound like?

To be honest, Lori is the creator of that bands sound and she taught me how to play drums that slow… well she demanded and still does demand I slow down. Although harder to do, it always turns out the way it should. She has good vision and I really trust her judgement when it comes to creating brutally groovy riffs.

4) Any stories from those days 1994-5?

Around that time we played a lot of shows w/ the Melvins in which I personally learned quite a bit from their drummer and my friend Dale Crover. He actually ended up giving me his double bass pedals of which I still play to this day. At the time both Lori and Dale kept saying why don’t you try double pedal and my ego got in the way until I broke down and realized that playing double pedal really opened up doors for me w/ both Acid King and Altamont. Very humbling experience for sure. We also were fortunate enough to open for L7, Sleep, Hawkwind, the Obsessed and even Fear.

5) Altamont was the next band that you were with. How did Altamont form?

I met Dale through Lori and Dan was also a good mutual friend of both Lori and Dale. Dale started out as a guitarist and really wanted to test his chops in that area. Who was I to hold him back. He actually made the album ‘Our Darling’ specifically for me to play double pedal on. It was like my double pedal 101 album. I still love that album.

6) Would you say that these bands belong to the genre of Acid Doom or Doom rock-but actually those bands had their own sound-separate from that genre?

I’ve always considered Acid King a doom based band but w/ influences from bands like Hawkwind and even David Bowie. On occassion Lori plays riffs that for some odd reason reminds me of Greg Ginn riffs but she hasn’t ripped that kind of sound out in a while. No complaints there though. Altamont on the other hand really is about hard rock w/ a serious southern tinged influence. Some of the later efforts have shifted and you can never quite pigeon hole anything Dale does; so not sure what Altamont will evolve into.

7) Tell us next about your time with The Stimmies and Men of Porn.

I really enjoyed my days w/ the Stimmies but grew weary of playing pop music and thus joined Acid King. That said, I’m quite proud of what we did as a band. We won the ‘best Pop band’ by way of the voter’s choice awards for the SF Weekly in 1993. We opened for Uncle Tupelo and even Sleep & Neurosis in Canada (definitely a weird combination show). I still keep in touch w/ those guys and still keep egging for a reunion. We’ll see as time always tells. As far as the Men of (Porn); that connection actually started in Omaha, Nebraska by way of my ex – wife saying ‘you need to meet this friend of mine, Tim Moss. I think you guys would get along’. We did. Frank Kozik convinced him to move to SF so Moss, Joe Goldring and I laid down some tracks to add to some other tracks that Tim had already recorded in Omaha w/ MOP. We really enjoyed jamming and it always had a loose and chaotic feel. Very sonic and very punk in ethos. I love every song we recorded. We did some songs on the ‘American Style’ album and did ‘Lightnin’ Strikes’ on the Small Stone Aerosmith compilation. (Altamont did ‘Makin It’ on that comp. as well). Good times for sure.

Who are some of your influences?

Keith Moon, the drummer for the Cherubs, Dale Crover, Dave Grohl (‘s drumming), Mackey from Jesus Lizard, Killing Jokes drummer, Elvin Jones, Ian Pace, Mitch Mitchell, Artimus Pyle, of course Bonham, Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd and Stewart Copeland ain’t so bad. I love a lot of soul, disco and funk drumming very much as well, i.e. Smokey Robinson, Parliament, The Dramatics, Ohio Players, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Johnnie Taylor and so on. I love Son House for true blues.

8)  Why did you choose to play drums-did you play another instrument before taking up drumming?

Although extensive aptitude tests say that I’m wired for either concert violin or bird imitation (really), that wasn’t very available in Kentucky where I grew up. Long story short, it’s always been drums for me. I demanded a drum set on my 8th birthday after my dad took me to see 3 Dog Night ( another influence on drums). Years later my dad took me to see Kiss and this band called AC-DC opened for them as they performed their Highway to Hell tour. I’d never heard of AC-DC until that show. I never looked back.

9) Who are some of your favorite bands nowadays?

The BlackHeart Procession, Jeff Buckley, Slayer, YOB, Radiohead, Mark Lanegan, Earth, Earthless, Celtic Frost continues to be great, Ludicra, King City and Electric Wizard continues to put out good stuff. I know I’m missing some bands and as you can tell I’m not that current.
10) Any plans for the future?

 Yep, both Acid King and Saturn Returns is currently writing new music. I’m hoping Acid King will be ready to record a full length in the next 6 months or less. Saturn Returns just recorded 4 songs. Dale always threatens to get Altamont back together and supposedly has a double album greatest hits that’s in the making… but I’m not sure if it’ll ever happen or not. That’s the latest and I’m stick’n to it.

ride hard,
Joey O.

OK Joe. Thanks.

Interview By John Wisniewski

Acid King Homepage
Acid King @ MySpace
Read a great article on their early years here – Acid King.Com )


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