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Once again a brilliant début EP is followed up by a lackluster effort labeled a début album. While not as good as their first effort, this is still a pretty good album, assuming of course that you can get past Bunnies so-called “vocals.”

This is an original take on Doom/Death and its very well done. The production is good enough for an unknown band. The song writing is great and fairly original. The guitars are bright, creative, heavy and technical. The founders’ former Death Metal stylistic nuances are very present and competently formatted to fit their new Doom environment. There are moments of twisted darkness coupled with more morose parts. The bass doesn’t do anything overly noteworthy as it mostly follows the guitars, but the keyboards do. They add a decent amount of atmosphere when used. The drums are a little more than standard for the style but get the job done. With that being said they do have their moments however.

The male vocals are more of the cookie monster variety but they work, again harkening back to the founding members prior band ‘Broken Hope’. The female vocals on the other hand are pretty bad. If you listen to this CD enough they will grow on you, to a point anyway.

Newcomer Bunny would’ve been better suited to sing pop or perhaps even rock, but not Doom/Death Metal. Her attempt at trying to fill the shoes of the Opera singer from the last record with her pedestrian take on singing takes a lot away from the music. For an example of how drastic the change is, this album is akin to Em Sinfonia like ‘Rubicon’ is to Tristania. Her only saving grave is that she is hot.

With this in mind, the music is overall dark and complicated. The ideas expressed are well thought out and mature. This could’ve been a lot more had they used an actual singer in place of what they used. (Plus the cover of Iron Maidens ‘Revelations’ is pretty cool too). This is a recommended CD for those who are into the Doom scene. This gets a 6/10.

Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted June 15, 2011 by doommantia in Em Sinfonia

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