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Spell binding and brilliant are the only ways to describe this EP. The atmosphere of this album is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The music hits you with a wall of hopelessness and beauty that you simply can’t tear yourself away from. This is by far one of the absolute BEST Doom/Death Metal releases of all time.

For starters, the production is ok and could have been better. The three songs contained within don’t suffer for it however. The guitars are thick and moody practically dripping with utter despair. There is very little if any crunch in their sound, however, they do have some good mournful leads. The bass is more or less buried in the mix except for when it’s in an intro/outro or quieter moment in any of the songs.

The drums fit perfectly in the mix, never over shadowing the other instruments. The keyboards only add to the dense atmosphere created by the guitars. There is a flute and violin used to very good effect as well. The vocals are both clean and grim. The cleans are heavily accented and have some reverb/delay on them. The grim vocals are bitter and full of a mournful rage and sound as though they have some reverb on them as well.

To say there is a theme here would be too obvious as all three songs are about loss. Its more than likely that it’s just how the writers constructed the songs, and even though they are very minimal in their presentation they are layered with considerable amounts of pain and sorrow.

Over all, the only true drawback is that this is just and EP instead of a full album. The originality and passion displayed on these three songs is breath-taking. It’s a shame that its follow-up was so lackluster. This is highly recommended to all! This gets a 9/10.

Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted June 16, 2011 by doommantia in Forest Of Shadows

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