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Avernus had a few constants during the bulk of their lifespan: They were always changing (both musically and internally with their lineup), willing to play anywhere with anyone and pretty consistent with quality of their music. They also had a habit of releasing very limited and really cool demos and this is no exception. The only drawbacks are: its limited as hell and its on tape.

The production is pretty good for a demo and is perhaps a step up from the ‘Sadness’ demo. On this recording you can hear slightly different versions of three songs from the follow-up release ‘…of the Fallen’.

The guitars & keyboards standout more on this than they did on the follow-up album. The guitars are a little heavier, and the leads are more pronounced. They create a melancholic atmosphere ripe with an adventurous and surprisingly fun attitude. There are more open chorded parts to heavy ones but it fits the music. The bass doesn’t change from this recording to the next and is very good all around.

The drums are more or less the same boat as the bass as far as what to expect over all. The keyboards are lush, and atmospheric and only add to the laid back vibe of the over all recording.

The vocals from both male and female singers are alright if interesting. The female vocals are rougher than they are on the proper release but good all the same. Ricks voice is actually better on this than on ‘OTF’. They are raw but flow easier; they have a more organic feel to them. (Granted they’re not the best but they’re not horrible either!).

The lyrics aren’t exactly the same either and changed on ‘OTF”. One song that didn’t make the proper release is the opening track called ‘A Farewell to Eden’ and is an instrumental (with good bongo usage!).

The music is very original and has yet to be duplicated by anybody. According to the band they wanted to add more of a Celtic influence to their music. They kind of accomplished this on this demo and the follow-up album. More over the music is insanely Gothic but not what’s considered “Gothic” today; rather they assimilated the sounds from the originators of the genera (i.e. the Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, etc…) and blended them with a more melodic Metal based Rock to surprisingly good effect.

There isn’t any Doom on this album, Rick doesn’t growl and there are only 4 songs, but this is still a great piece of underground history for anyone who is into the band or simply original music. This is worth your time to hunt down, as it’s just a great little four-track demo. Its one-sided in both the label and tracks. This gets an 8/10.

Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted June 17, 2011 by doommantia in Avernus

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