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How anyone can consider this band “Gothic” up to this point is quite befuddling. This album (their second to last Metal release until ‘Symbol of Life’) is pure Doom Metal plain and simple.

The production is crisp and the song writing is nothing short of brilliant. Nick has once again lessened the “deathly” aspect of his vocals, going for (arguably) a more Thrash oriented voice. It suites the music well and is offset periodically by a clean semi-sung/spoken parts.

The guitars are higher sounding than on any of their previous efforts and are almost tinny at times. They are despair ridden and incredibly slow, and despite their “lighter” sound, this is still a fairly heavy recording. The trademarked melancholia is still as vibrant as ever within with leads abound and delicately interspersed solos.

The bass sounds good but, as usual, doesn’t do anything to amazing. This is also the first album to showcase the bands (then) new drummer Lee Morris. He plays and sounds excellent using all manner of unique drumming patterns on the entire release.

Some of the draw backs would be the lack of more pure Death Metal vocals and the higher sounding guitars. Some of the songs tend to drag towards the middle of the recording as well. This is also fairly radio friendly (not that, that’s necessarily a bad thing). The verse chorus format is further explored adding to the accessibility of the songs.

While the not a “concept album” in the traditional sense of the word this album does have a theme: people living with excessively harsh circumstances and the misery is well displayed over all. The band considers this to be Icon 2.0 but that’s hardly the case. While this is a depressing album, it lacks the darkness and heaviness that Icon had.

Over all, this is more or less a masterpiece of pure, unadulterated Doom Metal and a worthy addition to any collection. Highly recommended. 8/10

Review Written By Grimdoom

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  1. Wow!!! 8/10? Unbelievably strict review!!!

    Second to Icon this is the bands best album in my opinion!

    Since this one is a bit more commercial than its predecessors (I agree with the review), it is even more influencive. Actually, I tend to believe that this album more that any other P.L. created a new wave of dark music during the 90's.

    As for the comment I read in the review that Draconian Times …”is pure Doom Metal” that's also not true. It might not be gothic in today's sense (remember back then gothic sound was also different) but it certainly is not pure doom. It carries some doom feeling, influences etc but it is not doom.

    Draconian Times found the band mature enough and at its inspirational peak.

    With heavy metal aging 25 years back then this album was really a breath of fresh air…10/10

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