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Something different now, for all you doomheads! The best way to describe the sound of this German band, is psychedelic indie or something.. Namely, The Dawn Band make use of fuzzy sounding, tension-building riffs with a clear, warm sound. Think of structures like Slint’s songs where a riff builds up in tension, explodes, and comes back to earth. Where the riff starts building up again, etcetera. Agents Of Sentimentality is released on Stefan Koglek’s label Elektrohasch. Stefan Koglek is the front man of The Colour Haze and manages this label called Elektrohash with a lot of great releases in the heavy psychedelic genre.

The fun lies of course in the shift from ‘purely’ doom / stoner / heavy psychedelics to something actually radio friendly and more ‘alternative’ sounding than your average stoner release. As mentioned in the accompanying press information sheet, as in reviews, Sonic Youth comes to mind when listening to The Dawn Band’s Agents Of Sentimentality.

Although recorded as a duo (Daniel Zerndl and Martin Treppesch), there a few guest musicians like Stefan Koglek (vocals) adding their combined weight to this release. The overall impression is that The Dawn Band’s sound is pretty diverse, and what you need in a ‘diverse’ case, is great, entertaining songs.

On Agents Of Sentimentality that is precisely what we get. Yet, just because the band operates in a variety of musical niches, we’ll have to see how things develop within the coming releases. If they manage to tap into the whole ‘indie’ media scene / blogosphere, then things could move very quickly for The Dawn Band. For now all I can say is this album sounds fresh and original and warrants a couple of listening to get fully into.

Love Is A Burglar starts slow, but soon noisily explodes into a great indie riff. Oh, the singer actually sings, so you can literally make out what he is singing about. That’s different too from most nowadays doom / stoner releases. I have the feeling that they only have to change a couple of parameters stylistically or musically and blam, they could have a college radio hit. Again the song changes from slow into swift, and on we go to track number two, City Lights. A little bit quicker than the first song, the driving force of this riff is nice and it makes for a nice rock song. Lost Souls At The Night Club opens up like an interlude, but evolves in a jerky kind of song with an explosive ending. Surfing The Big Wave has a very strong instrumental introduction, and after less than ninety seconds the big wave / big riff sets in.

For over eight minutes they manage to hold our attention, without any vocals. To be honest, I would love to see and hear more songs like this type of track. Boat Across The Ocean is an acoustic that is maybe a tad too long, but they do manage to get their psychedelic point across.
Siam is more acoustic work (instrumental) where Kussnacht starts acoustic too, but changes into a solid rocker with nice scream like vocals. I would love to hear them make more use of that voice too. Armour’s Ark is a song build again around the tension between soft, acoustic intro’s with a nice, warm voice, opposed by angry parts with riffs harsh vocals. Great! Slowly Dancing (instrumental) is great too and we conclude with the beginning: Love Is A Burglar (Reprise). I like the Reprise version even better than the original one, but that’s just a matter of taste.
Great record, go check it out! Agents Of Sentimentality is out since the 27th of May on Elektrohash Records…..7.5/10

Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever

The Dawn Band @ Myspace
The Dawn Band Official


Posted June 21, 2011 by doommantia in The Dawn Band

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