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As one of the founding fathers of the modern Doom movement, Cathedral have slowly moved away from the more traditional “Doom” element and gone the Stoner route. This recording however is unquestionably Doom in all its glory. Heavy, ugly and epic is the order of the day bringing to mind the bands formative years, only updated and better produced.

There isn’t much to say about this two song EP except that it’s PHENOMENAL! The first track ‘Gargoylian’ is quite possibly the best Cathedral song ever! It’s slower than a snail trying to make its way up a hill covered in molasses, in winter on a planet with jovian gravity. It’s heavy, moody and full on DOOM! This is something that could have easily been on ‘In Memoriam’ (with the exception of the cleaner vocals).

The second and final track ‘Earth in the Grip of a Skeletal Hand’ is good but not nearly as good as the title track. It’s a little faster but still incredibly heavy and doomy. Both tracks are relatively epic for what they are. Had the band just played this style on every one of their albums no one would ever complain.

The artwork is beyond killer! Whatever those skeleton Jedi things are, they’re awesome! Adding a sinister feeling to the vinyl as if it was a forbidden object from centuries past. Or a small poster from a foreign thriller as the names and credits are displayed would have you believe.

The only drawbacks are: the production is a bit lackluster and that these tracks are available on 7” only (!) and that there were only 2000 made. This is seriously worth hunting down just for the title track alone. This gets a 9/10 because of its format, it’s still worth getting however.

Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted June 22, 2011 by doommantia in Cathedral

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  1. The skeleton Jedi things are the Templars from the Blind Dead movies. Hooded Menace has pretty much based their entire career on them and dozens of other bands seem to be using their image these days. Cathedral have two songs about them…”Night of the Sea Gulls” and “La Noche del Buque Maldito”.

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