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This powerful ensemble comes from Seattle and has recently released their début EP, after catching the eye of producer Matt Bayles (who worked with The Sword and Mastodon, between the others).

Their sound is one thunderous slam to the head. Thirty minutes of heavy riffing, epic choruses and big song structures.

The band describes themselves as a mixture between the early days of Metallica (think of that 80’s Bay Area Thrash love for songs that had complex structures built to sound glorious) and the riffing of Black Sabbath.

The first part of the equation is closer to the truth than the second, with also a similar feeling to the stylings of High On Fire and later Mastodon. And that, trust me, is a bonus. What you get is a bunch of songs (right away from the opener “Red Doom, down to the metal ride of “Song Of The False”) that will make your neck sore with headbanging, ears ringing, and an exhilarating rush of adrenaline to the heart. The singing is also very close to Hetfield in his glory days, with an added edge. Great added bass work by ex-3 Inches Of Blood member Nick Cates

The guys need support, they will be big and might succeed in pulling the big Classic Metal move that The Sword tried to pull with Warp Riders, without (in my opinion) really succeeding. Give this one a try!

Review Written By Andrea Contanzo

Curse Of The North @ Myspace
Curse Of The North @ Facebook


Posted June 23, 2011 by doommantia in Curse Of The North

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