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*** Please welcome Andrea Costanzo to the Doommantia writing team. Regular viewers of the Sludge Swamp (R.I.P) will know Andrea for his wonderful and insightful posts of incredible doom, sludge, stoner albums and some obscure gems as well. Along with Mari, he is from Italy which is very fitting for this site as Italy currently sits at number two in country views. Hope to see some great posts from Andrea but for now I will be posting two, this one is a review for XVI Eyes ‘Building Eden From Embers’ album. ***

Xvi Eyes début surprised me a lot. It came without any buzz or coverage and managed to be one of my favourite Sludge releases of last year.

The band took Crowbar riffage (with an incredible similarity in the guitar tone and the semi shouted vocals) but mutated it into something of their own, more prone to atmospherics and with a strong touch of technical prowess.

This new recording pushes a similar feature. While the first track “Committed” took me by surprise, with its syncopated drumming and the constant beat, as soon as the guitar set in, the mood is familiar: same melancholic yet heavy Crowbar tones, with a desperate solo making it even more close to the more melodic aspects of Kirk’s creature.

As the album progresses, the songs slow down and become more massive, heavy and crunching. The atmospheric feel is there, and some of the drumming even made me think of the Baroness/Mastodon school of sludge/Post-Metal, but the main influence is still Crowbar.

Just pay attention to the biting riff of “Poison Soul”, that suddenly slows down to a sickly melodic chorus.

And that might be also the main problem. While still being sludgy, crunchy and powerful, especially riff wise, the album doesn’t have the surprise effect of the début. Feels like the band decided to settle for “more of the same”. Its powerful and very listenable but it is far less daring and more of a variation on the Crowbar sounds with added melody. Still worth listening but definitely not essential and a bit of a let down. Give the first one a listen, then decide if you want this one too.

Review Written By Andrea Costanzo

XXI Eyes @ Myspace
XVI Eyes @ Bandcamp


Posted June 23, 2011 by doommantia in XVI Eyes

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  1. OMG … another Eyetalian … 😉
    Hey, Andrea, welcome to you, brother Wizard!
    \m/ \m/ \m/

  2. I found this one to be far superior to the first one myself.

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