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I think this album had, possibly, a larger place in my expectations than what it was supposed to have. To be clear, i have always had a soft spot for The Quill. Possibly because they were one of the bands that introduced me to the whole concept of European retro rock. I knew about Spiritual Beggars but hadn’t really discovered them yet. The Quill came first, after reading a borderline delirious review of “Voodoo Caravan” on an italian newspaper.

To me, before actually learning about the whole magical universe of the new Swedish Hard Rock scene, that album was a dream coming true. As a fan of Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep but also a lover of that unique hardened approach to riffs and melodies that only the heavier grunge, as Soundgarden in their golden days, seemed to have, discovering that there was a young band that could do that and NOT sound derivative was magical.

Then, they came back. With… A new singer? Anticipation and fear filled my heart, but the new tracks seemed promising…

Now I heard the whole thing and…. I’m sorely disappointed.

New singer Magnus isn’t to blame, his rougher but strong approach, reminds me of “Ad Astra”-era Spice with some high-powered Cornell influences (and makes me think how I also miss the times when Beggars could do better albums). What’s lacking, and SERIOUSLY so, it’s the tunes.

While having a couple of high level tracks, the whole thing is depressingly flat. The song sound like third-rate version of the magnificence they used to have. Actually they sound, at times, like a cross between any anonymous Post-Grunge band and any Modern Hanoi Rocks clone. The guys still can play, but all they seem content to do is drop riffs that sound stale, refrains that sound recycled and don’t really give Magnus the space to shine.

When the whole things is over, its instantly forgotten and doesn’t make you want to play it again. Hopefully its just a misstep, but the dire feeling of it being an epitaph lingers.


Review Written By Andrea Contanzo

The Quill Official


Posted June 24, 2011 by doommantia in The Quill

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