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Instrumental stoner-metal albums have always been around or at least semi-instrumental ones. Bands like The Atomic Bitchwax and The Re-Stoned have been churning out the jams for years but instrumental albums used to be mostly hit or miss kind of affairs. In the last couple of years though, that has all changed. There has been some incredible releases unleashed onto the world recently and this album by Netherlands, Tank86 is no exception. This album titled ‘Rise’ is basically ear-candy for riff-lovers everywhere. It’s a 48 minute whirlwind of bone-charring riffs, power and instrumental wizardry that blends epic doom with progressive-metal, stoner grooves and old-school headbanging heavy metal and it is about as flawless as you can get. If you need some reference points here, it is like High On Fire colliding headlong into early Cathedral with a dose of Mastodon on the side but the result is it doesn’t sound like any of those bands, Tank86 have their own vibe happening.

‘Rise’ is a thrill-ride from start to finish, a hair-raising, mostly neck-snapping album that is jam-packed full of monolithic riffs and progressive rock technicality but without ever getting carried away with being overly pompous. Tank86 also throw out some curve balls, there is bluesy sections and even some southern-rock overtones so it is pretty hard to ever get bored with this and it sounds absolutely amazing at loud volumes. The album’s opener ‘Barrosphere’ hits you like a mack-truck at 100 MPH, the intense riffing blended with some progressive-rock trickery is jaw-dropping stuff but what is great, is every other track is equally as cohesive and captivating in its heavy, jammy, groove-based approach. The albums longest track, ‘Apparat’ is close to 9 minutes of majestic, epic-metal that is wonderfully composed and performed. Other bands should take a listen to this track if you want a blue-print on how epic-metal should be played, this track is truly awesome.

Along with tempo changes that thrill and more contemplative passages, the album is a non-stop adventure for the ears and mind. It is not all about riffs, riffs and more riffs though, there is also some mesmerizing atmospheric sections as what occurs in ‘Black Lake’ which is another monster of a tune. This track has a spine-chilling ominous feel to it but it also crushes with super-heavy guitar work. Elsewhere on the album, ‘Axe’ and ‘Infidel’ features more grand arrangements and bombastic instrumentation. The only odd track out is ‘Gottes Krieger’ which is short and sweet and even that is another killer piece of instrumental rock. Apart from the cohesive song-writing, the band themselves are incredible players. I usually don’t pay that much attention to drumming for example but its hard not to with Tank86 because the drum-work here is mind-blowing. Add to that, killer crushing guitar work and excellent production that is loud, clear and full of dynamics and you are left with an album of devastating quality.

‘Rise’ is a true buzz to crank up loud and is throughly enjoyable for all of its 48 minutes. There is something for everyone on the album as stoner-metallers, doom fans and old-school guitar rock fans should all get a major high from spinning this disc. Mindblowing…….9.5/10

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Posted June 24, 2011 by doommantia in Tank86

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  1. Insane album. Love the drum work.

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