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Another album, I found myself discovering almost by chance after having my eye caught in by an alluring description.

The band self describes their music in that lovely colourful way that some unsigned metal bands do: “If Conan stumbled into a cave full of magic mushrooms, guitars and amps, this is the album he would’ve recorded “. That’s a bit cartoonish but it does give you a feeling of the war-like approach that Enormicon have towards their brand of metal. In a little more than half an hour, the band manages to pull off an impressive mixture between the epic thrashing of early Celtic Frost, the punishing apocalyptic riffage of High on Fire, the epic structures of early Mastodon and a general love for raw and epic metallic riffs.

While their songwriting still has to mature a bit, (they tend to write very similar songs), they definitely have tons of attitude and guts to their delivery and this album is definitely something that will give your head plenty of stuff to bang to. Give them a spin’, possibly loud and you may enjoy it.

Review Written By Andrea Contanzo

Enormicon @ Myspace
Enorimicon @ Reverbnation


Posted June 25, 2011 by doommantia in Enormicon

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