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One of my personal favourite ways to discover new bands is following a recommendation trail on sites like CdBaby. Usually, what I get to put my grubby paws on, are less known and often great bands that deserve to be put into the light. That is the case with Hollenlarm. There’s a good numbers of bands that tried to deliver the “Blackened Sludge with Enhanced Nastiness and Brutality” recipe lately but these guys seem to have it down very well.

Their own description drops names like Acid Bath, Eyehategod or Darkthrone. That is maybe a bit too much, but it definitely gives a hint of the direction they’re going in. Their sound is Filthy Demonic Sludge of the best kind, filled with slow, oppressive, detuned riffs, harsh and bestial vocals, a mood of utter nihilism and self-destructive despair and adds to it some sudden bursts of Crust/Black Metal in its first incarnation. What this means in even simpler terms is that songs like the gut wrenching opener “Tex” or the crushing “Fit For a King” will bash your skull in with plodding, saturated brutality and suddenly bursts into visceral blasts of frantic drumming, screams, and feral brutality.

The guys need to get a better producer and focus a bit more, but right now they have the potential to enter the same smelly, rotten room as Sourvein or Trap Them.

Review Written By Andrea Contanzo


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Posted June 25, 2011 by doommantia in Hollenlarm

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