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It’s safe to say that driving while listening to UDOM is a bad idea. Lying down and listening to this is also out of the question. This album can and will put you to sleep, especially if you’re on any medication that causes somnolence. With that being said, this is one hell of a record for the rest of us with any real attention span.

The title of this album “Monolith” is nothing short of apt. This is a large, monolithic beast that hits you will wall after wall of misery-drenched sound.

The production is surprisingly good. This really doesn’t have much if anything in common with its predecessor ‘Prelude to Monolith’, which was good but suffered greatly from garbage production.

The guitars are thick and continuous. Droning on and on with each not held until the sustain is but a faint memory. Only open chorded, they let you know rather quickly (or slowly in this instance) what the sound of heavy truly is. The bass is a bit buried but when heard adds to the already dirge happy guitars. The drums are much more involved than on the prior release but still maintain a small presence. The keyboards simply engulf each track giving all four offerings an oppressive yet approachable atmosphere.

The vocals are almost an after thought and are seemingly under the music. They sound like a mixture of whispers/chants and growls.

The music is in the same vein as all UDOM releases in that its beyond slow and very minimalistic. This isn’t something you “rock out” too. It’s very deep and ponderous music that will leave you writhing on the floor of a dark room in agony while reaching out for the solace of a spent candle. So much is displayed with so little it’s hard to completely describe it. The music is both soothing and soul crushing.

This is a very original piece of music not only in the Funeral Doom field but Metal in general. This is highly recommended for anyone who digs painfully slow music and/or wants to try something very, very different. This gets a 9/10

Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted June 26, 2011 by doommantia in Until Death Overtakes Me

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