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One of the greatest thing about the Heavy Rock scene is how it seems to constantly defeat expectations and produce albums that still manage to surprise me, while never completely steering away from its deep roots which are in the love for riffs and heaviness. Zebulon Pike are a perfect example of that attitude. The band has gotten smarter and more gere defeating with each album and seems to reach a powerful peak with this one, their fourth opus. Their sound is undeniably heavy, with guitars that are chugging along like massive walls of concrete, a big bass and loud drumming. And yet, they seem to float through all this spectre of emotions and moods through their songs. Think of a mixture between the style of Kylesa, Mastodon, Baroness, Pelican, Isis and the progressive insanity of later King Crimson or Don Caballero. If that seems difficult, just think of instrumental heaviness with guitars that are downtuned and skull crushing and with a big, gnarly low-end, but also love to go for spacey trips into improvisational insanity. All on top of a rhythmic session that seems to be sprawling like a weird ink blot.

While the album is far from easy to digest, it rewards repeated listening. Beneath the thick, cold layer of distortion and sonic assault, there’s tons of hypnotic shades to it. It’s tough but takes you to another place, while never forgetting to hit you with neck snapping moments of metal.
Definitely recommended.

Review Written By Andrea Contanzo

Zebulon Pike Official

Note; Sorry for the small cover image, it is all I could find – Ed


Posted June 26, 2011 by doommantia in Zebulon Pike

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  1. Andrea,

    Thanks for the great review. Miss you on the swamp already. Hope to see you on the new .com.

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