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In a world where it’s all been done before, it’s not only refreshing to hear something from out of left field but surprising. Umbra Nihil has got to be one of the most original and intriguingly strange bands in existence. Firmly rooted in the Doom Metal field they’re take on the style music is simply something EVERYONE should hear/experience. The production is good but a little thin, this only adds to the weird and haunting songs within. It sounds as if it was recorded on a slightly higher end “home recording” device. The guitars are heavy with more than a fair amount of melody to balance it out. The lead and rhythm guitars wander around each other in some very unique ways. There is only one solo but lots of leads. The chord structures/patterns this band use are very unique. The atmosphere they created is odd and creepy, almost otherworldly in its presentation.

The bass is excellent and only adds to the darkness the guitars create. The drums sound programmed with a few screw-ups here and there. The vocals go from clean to grim periodically. There are also some whispers thrown in. This is so different from anything you’ve ever heard its astounding. The moods in this album are varied and go from dark and evil to light and somewhat jovial. The underlying vibe is spooky and bizarre without coming off as cheesy. This is something that every Metallian should own on the merits that it’s highly original and odd as hell. Incredibly recommended. This gets an 8/10.

Review Written By Grimdoom

Umbra Nihil Official
Umbra Nihil @ MySpace


Posted June 28, 2011 by doommantia in Umbra Nihil

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