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Starting life as a Doom/Death act, Cemetery of Scream did as so many others have done and added Gothic Metal elements to their already original formula. This was both good and bad, as they became even more unique on one hand yet less heavy on the other. On this, the bands fifth recording, they shifted gears once again. The production is thin but it works well enough for the band to get their ideas across. The guitars aren’t very heavy at all but they do flow well. The leads and solos are simplistic but effective all the same. The guitars sound as if they are tuned to standard and are a bit tinny in the mix. They are mostly epic and somewhat ponderous while remaining oddly upbeat. The bass does its own thing here and there but mostly follows either the guitars or drums.

The drums are executed flawlessly and keep things interesting for the most part. The keyboards add the atmosphere when the rest of the instruments are rocking out. They are mostly background but sound good. The vocals are interesting to say the least. The singer has apparently lost some of his deathly prowess, as his growls seem forced compared to the bands older offerings. His cleans are heavily accented but this doesn’t detract from the music. He, when singing, has a mid to low rage croon and its very forced and awkward sounding at times.

This is a concept album that has random speaking parts in between to help push the story along. This is a problem since one, they are random and two, the bands grasp of English is questionable. The music is fun; lively and rocking with a definitive Latin feel to it (that surprisingly works well). The vibe is somber to expressive, while seemingly holding back in some places. It’s hard to not headbang to this album. This album gets a 7/10.

Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted June 29, 2011 by doommantia in Cemetery of Scream

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