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Lunar Dust is one of the promising newcomers to the desert rock scene even though their music sounds like it has come 15 years too late but they are a very good band with very good tunes and you can’t complain about that. This power trio was formed in Milan, Italy 2009, after a decade or so of playing around in various bands in the Italian underground hard-rock scene.  They play in the classic, traditional stoner/desert and 70’s rock style but pay special attention to melodies and great vocals. One of the main influences is obviously Kyuss and Dozer but they have a psychedelic edge to some of the passages as well. The stoner-rock sound they have is more 70’s hard-rock based than the average stoner band, in fact some of it reminded me of bands such as Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad and even Humble Pie’s heaviest moments.

The album takes you a groovy journey of fat fuzzy riffs and ear-catching melodies with some down-tuned doom-laden moments also thrown into the mix. Throughout the albums eight tracks, you get tunes that while are not life-changing, they are incredibly solid and this album is fiercely consistent so it is hard to pick out good versus bad tracks, all the tunes here are very good. The album opener ‘Firewall’ doesn’t try to re-invent anything but it still manages to kick some major ass through a wall of high-octane riffing and thick grooves. The following track titled ‘Silent Deepness’ is where the band sound most comfortable as it has a very authentic early 70’s American raw hard rock vibe that is similar to a lot of the American hard rock of the day, imagine if Kyuss had of existed in 1971..( got it? ) .. then they might have sounded like this.

‘Beware The Cactus’ is instrumental stoner-metal at its most inflammable with some scorching riffing and driving power but above all else, it showcases the bands finesse at its instrumentation as there is some very elegant musicianship on display here. The next two tracks push the album in a more mediocre direction. ‘And Never Fall Down’ and ‘Mekong Delta’ are still good tracks but are not as memorable as the others but still this album moves along at a solid pace of quality, passionate hard rock workouts. ‘Crimson Eyes’ is the most commercially assessable tune but it still has the grooves to make this perfect ‘cruising down the highway’ music. The album ends on ‘Heavy Rains’ and ‘Stereotype’ with the latter being the pick of the two tracks.

The thing about Lunar Dust is if you have followed the stoner/desert scene since its inception then this album will sound a little too familer, too predictable and generic. Block all that music from your mind however and this is a total winner so that is what it comes down to, if you want something original or unique then this isn’t an album you should be looking at buying but if you want some genuine kick-ass hard rock with infectious grooves, melodies and riffage then this is a no-brainer. For fans of Dozer, Honcho and of course Kyuss.… 8/10

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Posted June 29, 2011 by doommantia in Lunar Dust

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