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Well I be damned, June was the best ever month in terms of views, comments and posts. The view count smashed the previous monthly record but it was also Doommantia’s busiest month yet with 118 posts which included over 80 album reviews.

Nothing much as changed in where these views are coming from, the USA still tops the list but Italy has now firmly cemented its place at number two. Next comes Germany, Russia, the UK and then Greece and Australia. The 311,260 page views came from a staggering 122 countries including places I have never heard of such as Azerbaijan. In the USA, California heads the view-count with my home state of Washington right down at the bottom of the list. Back to countries, some country figures are way up especially Finland which shot up the list by some 30 places. All pages on Doommantia get viewed by the 100’s to the thousands daily with the home-page being the most popular but that is obvious. Second is the podcast page and thanks to Crestfallen’s Kev and Bob from the Soggy Bog radio shows for their continuing support. The third most popular page is the Doommantia web-store even though nobody buys CD’s anymore and that is followed by the Foundry Of Show page and keep on tuning in for that too.

I said in the May report that the site had peaked, well I was wrong so I will say it again now. The sudden jump in views can only be blamed on the extra amount of posts made possible by the new writers that have climbed on-board. I give heart-felt thanks to Sarp Esin who has done a remarkable job supplying us with insightful, detailed reviews. Daryl Adolph from Canada who is another great writer and Andrea Costanzo who is one of the most prolific reviewers on the Internet. John Wisniewski who keeps coming up with exclusive interviews including one he did with John Perez from Solitude Aeturnus. And of course I have salute Grimdoom for his reviews on some of the older doom albums which have been an essential addition to the Doommantia site. I can’t let this moment pass without thanking the rest of the Doom-Crew. Aleks Evdokimov – your interviews rule my friend, Marilena Moroni aka Mari – you are one of the sweetest doom-witches on the planet and your posts are always wonderfully entertaining and informative. Dr.Doom Metal is also prolific in his interviewing capabilities and his additions to the site are always awesome reads. Mahesh and Saul Crowley have also gave us excellent reviews and articles. Last but not least, Sandrijn van den Oever and Dr. Abner Mality – you guys are two of the coolest, most genuine people I have ever met and your work will never go unappreciated. I also have to thank Lee from the The Sleeping Shaman and Adam Drzewuck from We Wither for allowing us to share some of their interviews and live reports. Thanks to all of you.

The interest in Doommantia reviewing albums is now officially out-of-control. If you want your album reviewed, be ready to wait. Even with 15 writers it is impossible to keep up with the demand. My personal waiting list for reviews is over 90 albums and I know some of the other writers are struggling to keep up with the amount of music that keeps on coming in. A couple of other things, my mailing address has now changed slightly after a major screw-up by those monkeys that called themselves the US Postal Service so take note of the new information on the contact page. Also, I have to say thanks to my wife Crystal for not only putting up with the ear-splitting doom music that is constantly playing in our apartment daily but for also joining Doommantia and more specifically the web-store. She is now the person you need to address all enquiries to when sending CD’s for reviews and she also will be the one sending out the CD orders. Soon there will also be a toll-free number to place orders so keep watching out for updates. The website keeps growing and expanding and will continue to do so. Thanks to everyone that sent me get-well wishes and made enquiries about my health. I am living on a day-to-day basis so your support is everything I need right at the moment. OK, that is all for now, thanks and as usual Doom on, support the bands, please buy an album, don’t steal it if you can avoid it and spread the word on your local underground heavy bands. Over and out……………Ed


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  2. this site rules! forever and always.

  3. This is without a doubt the number one review site for this kind ofd music. Makes other sites look kind of pathetic really. Keep up the great work.

  4. As always, great to be here, Ed. Oh, and shout-out to Grimdoom; would you let me steal the review of “Last Fair Deal Gone Down” from you, by any chance?

    And yeah, heavy album load as always. But that's what I actually have come to like about being a part of Doommantia.

    And, last, but not least (what is this, am I getting an Oscar or something? Jeez) R.I.P. to Sludge Swamp, still. We're waiting for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes, that's for sure.

  5. Thanks everyone !!

  6. Ed…This I hit Doommantia a few times a day! Theres always great reviews and interviews popping up!

  7. Thanks Bob, I do know a few people that come here a few times a day. I also know one guy that opens this site up in a tab and leaves it open all day lol. Seems a bit extreme but it is great to have that kind of support. I also know there at least 3 people in my home town that come here at least once a week and yet I have never met them.

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