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Not many people know that when Lacuna Coil started they were more or less pure Paradise Lost worship, mixing in hits of early technical Death Metal in their style for something new and exciting. Enter their record deal and a name change and they’re style drastically changed too. This album is perhaps the closest thing they’ve ever done to their early demo days. This the first full length by Italy’s favorite international (former) Metal-heads is a mixed bag of good and bad. It’s apparent that the loss of the founding guitarists and change of direction was something that they struggled with on this recording as a result. Given time however, this album will grow on you.

The production is what you expect from a Century Media act that the label was unsure of. This is Doom Metal pure and simple. The guitars have a slow and depressed feel to them. There are several leads and one solo. The guitars are mostly open chorded and they have a fair amount of dirge and darkness. They create an epic yet sad atmosphere and show the early signs of the bands eventual sound. The bass follows the guitars far too much for comfort; thankfully this would change on later releases. The drums are creative and fairly original. They are one of the standout instruments on this album.

The vocals are good enough and a great example of the “beauty and the beast” style that has become so popular these days. Andrea’s vocals are at their deathliest on this album. Its shame that he stopped utilizing them so early on in the bands career. Christina’s vocals are excellent as always, but she is still clearly trying to find her voice on this album. Musically there are some good ideas. This is a very original piece of music that no one can argue with. The down side to this CD is that it’s incredibly repetitive and lacks the maturity that would come on the following release. A lot of the riffs sound “local” as if played by the garage band down the street. One must wonder if this would have turned out differently had they spent more time on it.

Aside from the flaws on this recording it’s still a very good album and worth owning. It shows the band going from straight up Gothic Metal to straight up Doom Metal. This gets an 8/10.

Review Written By Grimdoom

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Posted July 2, 2011 by doommantia in Lacuna Coil

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