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If, like me, you’ve been disappointed by the direction Josh Homme took after the first two Queens Of The Stone Age releases, weren’t really impressed by The Crook Vultures and you’d love to finally hear some riff rock done right, this album will delight you. I discovered this releases on Bandcamp, but if I understand the dates right, its been around for a while, in an understated and not too covered way. The sound 7 Weeks deliver is a mixture of Stonerish Riffage, with lots of influences by Josh Homme’s stylings, especially his “Rated R” period, Brant Bjork and a touch of the heavier stylings of Soundgarden.

The songs are infectious and full of good hooks, with a lot of QOTSA styled harmonized vocals, while the guitars are a good compromise between the heaviness of Stoner Rock (lot of fuzz and thick riffing in’em) and the more melodic moments. If one flaw can be pointed out, its how the singing kinda lacks a specific personality or an edge in the performance. While the melodies are very catchy and energetic, the delivery is extremely close to Homme’s tonality. Which is not a bad thing it takes away a lot from the power of the album. Besides that, the music is good enough to be remembered, especially the riffs. Good rocking stuff.

Review Written By Andrea Contanzo

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