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Apprently this album had some expectations behind it, and the band has quite a cult following.

After listening to the record, I see why they might be loved and yet I cant keep but thinking that they’re a bit overrated. Their sound is great, don’t get me wrong. Good riffs (although quite rehashed) and interesting Danzig/Ian Astbury vocals with a strong gearing towards “darker” melodies that definitely bring to mind a slightly pumped up version of The Cult in many occasions. Still, while a couple of the tracks are very catchy and armed with some smart hooks that could work very well on some Hard Rock oriented stations (“Finders Fee” for example, has a sticky refrain that’s easy to remember and hard to forget), the whole thing leaves that aftertaste of forgettable anonymity that lots of retro rockers have.

A clear example is, to say one, the track “Misery”: the riff sounds like some weird cross between Scan Rock, Danzig’s vocal stylings and a touch of badly digested COC riffage. It’s all good, and it’s definitely listenable,at some spots seriously good (the guitars are pretty mean at times) but nothing really worth the high praise some seem to give. If you really have a craving for the genre, go on. But there’s much better stuff around.

Review Written By Andrea Costanzo

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Posted July 1, 2011 by doommantia in Devilicious