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The Doommantia Webstore is now again open for business. Anyone who ordered something during our down-time will have their orders sent out Tuesday July 5th. Sorry for making you wait but I had to close down the store for a few weeks just to restock, and rearranged the way we do business. But we are back, new items coming in soon too….


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The Stats For June …   7 comments

Well I be damned, June was the best ever month in terms of views, comments and posts. The view count smashed the previous monthly record but it was also Doommantia’s busiest month yet with 118 posts which included over 80 album reviews.

Nothing much as changed in where these views are coming from, the USA still tops the list but Italy has now firmly cemented its place at number two. Next comes Germany, Russia, the UK and then Greece and Australia. The 311,260 page views came from a staggering 122 countries including places I have never heard of such as Azerbaijan. In the USA, California heads the view-count with my home state of Washington right down at the bottom of the list. Back to countries, some country figures are way up especially Finland which shot up the list by some 30 places. All pages on Doommantia get viewed by the 100’s to the thousands daily with the home-page being the most popular but that is obvious. Second is the podcast page and thanks to Crestfallen’s Kev and Bob from the Soggy Bog radio shows for their continuing support. The third most popular page is the Doommantia web-store even though nobody buys CD’s anymore and that is followed by the Foundry Of Show page and keep on tuning in for that too.

I said in the May report that the site had peaked, well I was wrong so I will say it again now. The sudden jump in views can only be blamed on the extra amount of posts made possible by the new writers that have climbed on-board. I give heart-felt thanks to Sarp Esin who has done a remarkable job supplying us with insightful, detailed reviews. Daryl Adolph from Canada who is another great writer and Andrea Costanzo who is one of the most prolific reviewers on the Internet. John Wisniewski who keeps coming up with exclusive interviews including one he did with John Perez from Solitude Aeturnus. And of course I have salute Grimdoom for his reviews on some of the older doom albums which have been an essential addition to the Doommantia site. I can’t let this moment pass without thanking the rest of the Doom-Crew. Aleks Evdokimov – your interviews rule my friend, Marilena Moroni aka Mari – you are one of the sweetest doom-witches on the planet and your posts are always wonderfully entertaining and informative. Dr.Doom Metal is also prolific in his interviewing capabilities and his additions to the site are always awesome reads. Mahesh and Saul Crowley have also gave us excellent reviews and articles. Last but not least, Sandrijn van den Oever and Dr. Abner Mality – you guys are two of the coolest, most genuine people I have ever met and your work will never go unappreciated. I also have to thank Lee from the The Sleeping Shaman and Adam Drzewuck from We Wither for allowing us to share some of their interviews and live reports. Thanks to all of you.

The interest in Doommantia reviewing albums is now officially out-of-control. If you want your album reviewed, be ready to wait. Even with 15 writers it is impossible to keep up with the demand. My personal waiting list for reviews is over 90 albums and I know some of the other writers are struggling to keep up with the amount of music that keeps on coming in. A couple of other things, my mailing address has now changed slightly after a major screw-up by those monkeys that called themselves the US Postal Service so take note of the new information on the contact page. Also, I have to say thanks to my wife Crystal for not only putting up with the ear-splitting doom music that is constantly playing in our apartment daily but for also joining Doommantia and more specifically the web-store. She is now the person you need to address all enquiries to when sending CD’s for reviews and she also will be the one sending out the CD orders. Soon there will also be a toll-free number to place orders so keep watching out for updates. The website keeps growing and expanding and will continue to do so. Thanks to everyone that sent me get-well wishes and made enquiries about my health. I am living on a day-to-day basis so your support is everything I need right at the moment. OK, that is all for now, thanks and as usual Doom on, support the bands, please buy an album, don’t steal it if you can avoid it and spread the word on your local underground heavy bands. Over and out……………Ed

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IMPORTANT: Address Name Change For Review Submissions …   2 comments


There has been a slight change in the mailing address for review submissions. Please no longer send any mail with the names Earthdog Promotions or Ed Barnard. Due to the US Postal Service’s sheer incompetence, I have no choice but to change a couple of things. The new mailing address is as follows…..

c/o Crystal Barnard
212 North F St,
Apt D6,

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What Happened In May …   10 comments

Here we go with the usual monthly round-up ~


ATOLAH, ETHEREAL RIFFIAN, ASTOR VOLTAIRIES, POMBAGIRA, CONDENADOS, PYLON, EL HIJO DE LA AURORA, GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH, SIGNO ROJO and KIMI KARKI from LORD VICAR……Thanks to Dr.Doom Metal, Aleks Evdokimov and John Wisniewski for putting this interviews together. They are all great interviews that are not to be missed.


A total of 67 albums were reviewed this month and there was gems in the bunch. Premonition 13, Abysmal Darkening, Black Oath, Maligno, Witch Mountain, Sourvein, Saturnalia Temple, Rise And Shine, Castle, and Bong being some of the bands providing highlights for May’s month of reviews.


Paul Robertson and Lee from The Sleeping Shaman supply us a full overview on the event with a comprehensive review on each day plus the Afterburner show. They also gave us great videos and photos. Saul Crowley also gave us his take on the show so no other site has more reviews on Roadburn than Doommantia, the coverage was sensational.


Thanks to Sarp Esin and John Wisniewski for joining the Doommantia team. Thanks also to Grimdoom for already giving us some much-needed and requested classic doom-metal reviews. Thanks also to our Canadian connection, Daryl Adolph – hope to read a lot more from him in the future.


Thanks to everyone who has worked hard over the last month supplying the great interviews and reviews. The regular writers, Aleks, Mari, Sandrijn, Mahesh, Dr Doom Metal and Adam – as usual, your dedication is priceless. Special thanks to Dr. Abner Mality from The Wormwood Chronicles for his support and help over the last month.


Well, we are way past the million now and slowly increasing our view count month by month. This month, an amazing 178,789 hits came our way. Not much to say except – thanks to all our dedicated readers as they make up the most of our views and thanks to the new people who recently discovered the site, keep coming back……Doom On – Ed
PS: This time last year we only got 18,222 hits for the month, a lot has changed in just one year!


The stats don’t include the hits for the forum but that has doubled in the last 2 months. Thanks to everyone for having a look but it would be even better if you would register and join in on the discussions.

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ONE MILLION VIEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   11 comments

Doommantia has finally got there, one million views. This is of course a major moment for the site and one I never thought would ever happen. These are unique views and does not include hits to the forum. I spent several hours looking at the stats for the past year and here is the facts folks, I have included some geeky stats as well for those of us that are curious about such things.

1. United States
2. Italy
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. Russia
6. Greece
7. Australia
8. Spain
9. Malaysia
10. Mexico

* It is interesting that Malaysia got in there, when the site first started hits coming from the country ranked extremely low in the list but now they have climbed to number 9 on the list. Also interesting that Holland didn’t make the top 10. While the USA made the number one spot overall, they did it only just. I suspect Italy might just overtake the US in the coming months. The Italians must love their doom! Italy also ranked number one in terms of the average time spent on the site, Italian readers spent an average of 16 minutes on the site per hit compared with the US readers that had only an average time of 7 minutes.


1. Stonerobixxx – More people went from the great stonerobixx to doommantia than any other site. So thanks to the readers of Stonerobixxx
2. Sludge Swamp – The mighty Sludge Swamp was bound to feature here, thank you Sludge Swamp
3. The Obelisk – This surprised me a little seeing as I haven’t seen Doommantia mentioned much on the site before but it seems a lot of people use Doommantia and The Obelisk as part of their daily stoner doom viewing ritual.

* While the referring sites are extremely important, they made up only 15% of all hits, Google searches still made up over 40% of all visits to the Doommantia site. The great news and what makes me so proud is just over 35% of all visitors are direct visits, meaning they are regular readers even if just occasionally. Extra big thanks to you people.

The home page is of course the most viewed making up most of all the views to the site but the webstore and the radio/podcast page makes up close to 25% of all hits to the site so many people must have these pages bookmarked. Keep on visiting the store but please try to buy something if you can, it is vital you show your support to the bands. Also keep on  listening to the Crestfallen, Soggy Bog and Foundry Of Doom radio shows. You may be interested to know, the most clicked on review for this year (drum-roll please) is Pentagram – Last Rites. Not only is it the most viewed article but its nearest rival is not even close on the hit count, that album is Ghost’s Opus Eponymous.

1. Firefox – 55.56%
2. Chrome – 16.67%  
3. Safari – 11.11%
4. Internet Explorer – 10.00%  

1. Aleks Evdokimov – Without his great interviews, this site would be nothing. Thanks for your undying dedication.
2. Sandrijn van den Oever – Sandrijn has given us some great reviews and has opinions that are a little different most of the time to the other writers. This has always made for interesting and insightful reading.
3. Marilena Moroni – What kind I say, her knowledge of doom is unquestionable and her reviews and interviews are always great.
4. Dr.Doom Metal – Professional reviews from an expert in doom-metal, make sure you check out his site – Dr.Dooms Lair
5. Mahesh – Unique reviews are always what to expect from Mahesh, I hope to read a lot more from him the future.
6. Adam Drzewucki – With shared interviews from the We Wither Blogspot, it is always essential reading.
Special Thanks To Lee From The Sleeping Shaman and Dr. Abner Mality from The Wormwood Chronicles. The Sleeping Shaman generously shares interviews with us and recently the Roadburn Festival reports and they are always incredibly interesting. Dr. Abner Mality from The Wormwood Chronicles has always been one of our loyal supporters and also has contributed a few reviews lately. Thanks brother.
THE NEW BOYS –  Saul Crowley and Sarp Esin have already posted some excellent work and they have only just began. Expect a lot more from these two in the future and thanks for becoming part of the Doommantia writing team.

Well that is it, a million views!!! Now it is back to business as usual. Thanks to everyone that took the time to check out the site and extra special thanks to everyone for putting up with my long-winded reviews and rants……..Ed

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Whats In The Store Update @ April 14th …   Leave a comment

Within The Torn Apart – Time Wilts Away ( funeral doom / drone ) $7
Wizardrone – The Third Coming ( doom / drone / psychedelic ) $3
Ride The Sun – EP ( stoner metal ) CD – $10 US/Canada & $12 Everywhere Else
Doomsower – Vintage Era ( doom metal ) $5
Lazarus Complex – The Cleansing ( doom /stoner metal / psychedelic ) CD – $10 US/Canada & $13 Everywhere Else
Alunah – Call Of Avernus ( stoner metal / psyche / doom ) US & Canada $14 & $17 Everywhere Else
Alunah – Fall To Earth US & Canada $10 & $13 Everywhere Else
Nevertanezra – EP ( doom metal ) $10
Aethyr – Messio ( blackened doom / drone ) $16
Psi Corps – All Roads Lead To Amber ( psychedelic / space rock ) $16
Endname – Dreams Of Cyclops ( instrumental stoner / art-metal ) $16
Mountain Of Judgement – S/T ( doom / stoner ) $16
Ahkmed – Chicxulub ( doom / sludge ) $18
Dozelimit – Constructions Of The Highest Architecture ( sludge / doom ) $16
El Hijo De La Aurora – Wicca ( doom metal ) $16
Enoch – The Hierophant ( doom metal ) $16
Seven That Spells – It Came From The Planet Of Love ( psychedelic ) $16
US Christmas – Salt The Wound ( stoner / post -rock ) $18
Sendelica – Spaceman Bubblegum And Other Weird Tales From The Mind ( psychedelic / space rock ) $16
Sendelica – The Girl From The Future Who Lit Up The Sky With Golden Worlds $16
Sendelica – Streamdelica, She Sighed As She Hit Rewind On The Dream Mangler Remote $16
Psi Corps – Tekeli-Li ( space rock / psychedelic ) $16
The Grand Astoria – II ( stoner metal ) $16
Sehnsucht – Wachstum ( kraut rock / psychedelic ) $16
Without God – Lambs To The Slaughter ( doom metal ) $16
Seven That Spells – My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma ( psychedelic ) $16
Domes Of Silence – Hunter EP ( stoner metal ) $8 US/Canada & $10 Everywhere Else
The Re-Stoned – Analog ( instrumental stoner metal ) $16
Sex Type Thing – Checked Up By Time ( Stoner rock ) $16
The Grand Astoria – Omnipresence ( stoner metal ) $12 US/Canada & $15 Everywhere Else
Groan – The Sleeping Wizard – ( Spaced out medieval heavy power fuzz rock) $19
Various Artists – Planet Doom Volume One – ( doom, sludge, stoner ) $17
– Planet Doom Volume Two – ( doom, sludge, stoner ) $17
Mhonos – Miserere Nostri – ( drone, ambient, black metal ) $17
Misty Morning – Martian Pope E.P. ( traditional doom ) $17

More Titles Coming !

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March Madness …   2 comments

Hello to the dude that sent me a threatening email over a review this month, remember how you said no one ever reads anything on this website – well dude, you going to love this!!!! In the month of March, Doommantia kill the previous monthly record by about 40,000 views. Last month, we reached the staggering total of 129,679 hits to the site and there is some encouraging stats to go along with it. Views to the Doommantia Webstore page tripled in the last 2 weeks of March which at least gives me some hope for the future. Sells have been consistent but very slow but what is really disappointing, is 99% of all sales have gone overseas, mostly to the UK. It seems that US people have given up on supporting their local bands and doom metal, sludge, drone and stoner rock in general. Country views show that Europe is still the doom capital of the world, nearly 3/4 of all hits to the site come from there but hits coming from places like India, Greece, Spain and Italy are also on the rise. Most people spend an average of 7 minutes on the site, I guess that is the right amount of time to read one of my long-winded reviews. The record though goes to someone in England who spent 42 hours on the site, or at least his or her computer did.

We published 44 reviews this month, the highlights being CD’s from The Grand Astoria, Blood Ceremony, Wizard’s Beard,
Wooden Stake
and Graveyard. It was a quite month for interviews, but Dr Doom did interview Ramesses, Mississippi Bones and the great Orchid. I did an interview with Dave & Pat from Within The Torn Apart – better known as WTTA. and Lee from The Sleeping Shaman supplied us with an interview with Drug Honkey.  As usual none of this could have been done without the help of the staff here at Doommantia, thanks for all your help. Now we move on to April and what a way to start, I have a Pentagram album review and a short review for the Pentagram/Bobby Liebling movie ready to go.

Cheers and thanks for all the support.

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