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The good thing about keeping acquainted with blogs such as the Sludge Swamp (RIP) or Stonerobixxx is that you’re never really out of the loop – and the good thing about not listening to every album that comes your way is having a virgin perspective when it suddenly/randomly comes to their new material. Such is the case with me and Kamni, an alternative stoner metal band from Russia who made waves with their début. It’s basically impossible that you haven’t heard of the band, as they were all over the place with their début, and here they are, with a new EP.

Now, I’ve actually never heard of them before, but if I could use a few one-word definitions for Kamni’s music, they’d be: atmospheric, repetitive, hypnotic and beautiful. It’s all about a single riff (played with tones so fat and full they might as well be obese), supporting bass, minimal drumming, and overall a minimalist approach. That is where the band has it’s biggest strength – the atmosphere they create, the mood, is so good, so mesmerizing that it can easily serve as a substitute for recreational drugs. It’s that good. Anyway, without further ado….

“A.T.O.M.” is one of those albums, EP’s that have such an opener that it seems impossible that any of the songs following the first one can be as good. The opener, “Shiva THC” is one killer track that can get you hooked instantly: it’s a mellow, chill-out song until the very middle, featuring hypnotic instrumentalization (I think a reed) and interesting woodwinds on top of subtle and repetitive bass and drumming, before kicking it into stoner metal territory and laying one (as in, singular) fuzzed out riff. That period is brief however, and only serves to stir you before returning to mesmerism territory. It’s above and beyond, so much so that, I got stuck there for about a week.

Then comes “Lysergic General” and Kamni brings us high-end stoner doom that is simultaneously more stoner than doom and more doom than stoner somehow. It begins with feedback before laying it on thicker than the first track – it takes two full minutes to get to the riff. It dooms onwards for a few minutes, laying vocals on top of the music. The vocals are completely original, I must say – I wouldn’t say completely devoid of influence, as there is that doomy quality to them, but they do a good job supporting the atmosphere, which gets thicker after the vocals get done. After a solo-like interlude, scorching licks of guitar on top of lumbering bass and riff (singular) move up the curve and finish the song right where the tipping point should be. It’s beautiful how they never bring it back down.

“Collapse” is basically what’d happen if you applied the norms of ambient music to stoner metal. It kicks off with mellowed-out, chill groove applied to a singular riff, minimal drumming and subtle licks of guitar. Notice the use of singular when saying “groove” because it is pretty much improvised licks of guitar over all other instruments, which remain stable at a singular eight-bar arrangement throughout the song. When the guitars kick in, they remain within that same range – they play the same thing, with added vocals and faster, arpeggiated guitars. It’s meant, clearly, to create mood by way of repetition and succeeds admirably.

The final and title track, “A.T.O.M.” is a strange beast. It’s a fifteen-minute ambient track that is basically atmospherics (i.e. industrial-style, minimal drums, almost no bass and other sounds) laid underneath reed improvisations. It carries on the overall feel of the EP, the hypnotic air begat by repetition, and creates a very ethereal, dreamy atmosphere. However, it is, by and large, my least favourite track as such, but that’s mainly because I don’t fancy ambient much, and it’s too much ambient for my tastes. Oh, it would set the mood for a variety of things, as it is a perfect background piece, but it needs too much attention and kinda disturbs the flow of the EP, in my opinion.

So, what is the verdict, you ask? Let me tell you this – this review took less time than all my other reviews, even those of the bands I already knew, precisely because all songs are based on repetition, that is to say, the EP is very easy to digest and very easy on the ears, as such, I don’t think anyone will have a hard time with it. But perhaps the most remarkable achievement of this EP is that it will not be hard on those who have no acquaintance whatsoever with the genres involved, which makes this one essential. Though I do believe the last track disturbs the flow quite a bit, so, I’d say we have a winner in our hands. 8.5/10.

Review Written By Sarp Esin

Kamni @ Myspace


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Aleks is back to hoping to introduce Kamni to a wider audience with this great interview. They are a great stoner/doom band and if you like Electric Wizard, Sleep, YOB, Ufomammut, then they are essential listening. Thanks to Aleks and Pavel from the band for getting this together….Read On ….

Q: Hi Kamni! Who is on-line?

-Hail, it’s Pavel!

Q: Well, hi Pavel! What is current line up of the band? Is it stable enough? And I will not ask you to show me your health certificate!

-I play on guitar and provide vocals, Andres is on bass, Ruslan is on drums and we have a new member –second guitarist Den. Everything is pretty stable, just trying to be in touch with each other.

Q: Kamni has only one release (though at the moment of publication they have released an second EP), let us talk about it – how long did you spend composing that stuff?

-It appeared in a half of a year since we started rehearsing.

Q: Oh, so you worked out such great melodies in very brief period, accept my sincere congratulations! Did you already have concrete ideas when you go into studio or was it only improvisation?

-Well, Bong Of Satan was ready was ready for recording, the other tracks were finished during the record.

Q: What did you aim for when recording these songs?

-We just wanted to play gigs and that worked.

Q: This is first interview of Kamni, am I right? Then I just can ask you to tell us something about band’s foundation and etc. From where did “Stones” fall?

-There is nothing unusual, I knew Ruslan for about six months, we played in another band. I suggested him to play stoner, but we needed a bassist and found Andres through the Internet. He turned out to be a big fan of doom, stoner, sludge, also likes Neurosis etc. We began rehearsing, made Bong of Satan, it’s our first track, then recorded a EP and began playing gigs. We’ve recruited a second guitarist recently.

Q: Where did you dig out that distorted sample in “Intro”? There’s a television anchorman tells some funny things about Ozzy.

-That’s a famous video, the TV-show ‘Vremya’ (“Vremya” is an only news TV-show in USSR of 70s) from 1972. The narrator says really ridiculous propaganda bullshit, that’s why we decided to make a sample.

Q: So that man told that Ozzy was (well, it was 1972) already distorted and insane, of course it was a very bad example of Soviet boys and girls… But don’t you think that it’s true and his sanity is under question indeed?

-Ozzy’s sanity is quite more normal, than average people have.

Q: There were words about “violence and obscurantism” in your “Intro”, is it said about your own vision of music?

-Violence and obscurantism is about all human civilization, I guess.

Q: Ha, the answer is fitting! Here we go – your song “Bong of Satan” sounds really powerful and groovy, and there’re a bunch of good riffs anyway, but true to say I see this track only as a tribute to Doom Cult traditions. Didn’t you ever think to enrich the genre with some new ideas?

-Yeah, Bong Of Satan is some kind of a prank. It’s really hard to bring anything new within this genre, that’s why more likely we are tying to find our own sound and our own face.

Q: The band’s name Kamni is written in Cyrillic (?????), but why don’t you use Russian lyrics in your songs?

-Yes, the band’s name is written in Cyrillic. We had an idea to make lyrics in Russian, but it didn’t work. Russian is not an easy language to write the lyrics in.

Q: Did any Russian bands ever inspire you? I still wonder how would Kamni sound with Russian lyrics about vodka instead weed and other hangover deviltry…

-Well, Andres and Den both don’t listen to Russian music at all. Andres is a huge snob and he really likes only sludge, doom, black metal and so on.

Personally I like some genres in Russian music and listen to many bands.

-By the way your drummer is a fan of hip-hop and other heretical stuff, does his manner of playing add something special to Kamni? I remember American Enoch which CD was released on R.A.I.G. records, and their drummer really kicks ass! The man makes Enoch’s sound very special indeed!

-He is interested in gospel, maybe it gives something special to us, but in my opinion our sound is standard.

Q: Man, what is track “1947” about?

-Do you know s about the crash of a UFO in Roswell back in 1947? There’s an American hoax film about it, where aliens are disemboweled and have their intestines explored. And the track is about that shit, about a guy who believes in that.

Q: So do you think what it was just a fake?! As it was when they were flying to the Moon and back?!

-Exactly like the Moonshot.

Q: What’s the hell!! But well… As I know Kamni work with new stuff planning to record full-length album, what is a current state of your record session? How many ttracks will be included in LP?

-We are not working on a LP. Currently we are recording a new EP, and the presentation will be in Mantra Music Club in Moscow, on 24 of June. We’re hardly pressed for time, but as far as I can see we’ll make everything on time.

Q: And how will the new stuff sound? Can you say that it will be some psychedelic relaxing material as in your track “Sun Inside” or will there be more harsh and hard doom as into “Repatriation of God”?

-You’ll hear it yourself)

Q: And this answer isn’t fitting at all! Lay your cards on the table, man! You have nothing to hide!

-Okay, psychedelic rock, doom, meditation. We’ll print DIY stuff because we want to have our music released on CDs as fast as we can. The tracks, also will be uploaded to the internet, but after the presentation.

Q: What did drive you to compose instrumental track “Sun Inside”? I was feeling it’s vibes very well when we share few portions of vodka with my comrade after hard working day.

-Obviously, I had that riff and we decided to finish our record with a calm psychedelic track.

Q: What is the best to do listening your music – to drink, to dope, to pump iron in gym?

-To fuck chicks.

Q: Well, maybe… Okay, Kamni got quite positive – I’d rather say enthusiastic – reviews, let’s take for example or even (Hi Ed! How are you?). so don’t you feel a bit giddy? Why am I asking this? I know some bands who getting few good responses after their first release and have their nose bloody high in the air. I do not sure that Kamni are one of such swelled heads, but let us clear this situation!

-Hah, are we supposed to be overproud bastards?) A couple of reviews on the Internet doesn’t make us more professional, talented or anything. We are just trying to make music as good as we can, we just fucking play what we like. It’s really cool to see people coming to your gigs, that is real feedback from the listeners.

Q: Indeed I do not think so, I was meaning mmm… 3 concrete bands but let us don’t sound their names. I would like to hear your point of view – are there really original stoner/sludge doom bands in Russia? Bring it on dude!

-We are more impressed by Ukrainian scene, the guys there play just awesome! Mozergush live show was a killer. Being a totally underground band they are very serious about music they make. The persons in the band are charismatic like no one in any Moscow band. Both Snakerider and Stoned Jesus are cool too (Hail, Igor!). Also there is a good band BOMG from Monastyrische, formed by a father and his son playing heavy stoner doom in the vein of Electric Wizard. To tell the truth, we want to make a fest of Russian and Ukrainian doom, sludge and related genres in Moscow, but the main problem are the finances.

Q: But similar gigs have a place in Moscow time to time, is it too difficult to call few bands from abroad to play at one stage?

-We know guys from other bands and it’s cool to hang out with them, but the music from the most Russian not defunct stoner- doom- post metal and so on bands didn’t impress us very much. There are cool projects, but they are not active and do not play gigs. Anyway, we are glad to communicate with all guys from Moscow gang. The only releases we wait for is a LP from The Moon Mistress (Moscow) and a EP from Bone Machinist (Saint Petersburg).

But, personally I often go out to see Stone Cold Boys gigs with great pleasure, they play really cool despite they are quite different sub genre.

Q: Ok, I’ll be waiting for gig of Kamni in Saint-Petersburg, come here and play your new songs! That’s all for this time, do you have few final words of wisdom to enlighten our readers?

-Thank you for interesting questions, we’ll come to Saint Petersburg as we’ll have chance to play a gig there! Hail to all guys out there who listen our music and support our gigs!

Do not shoot up, do not smoke-

Better go and pray to God!

Interview By Aleks Evdokimov ( Metal Library )

Kamni @ Myspace

Check out the new EP “A.T.O.M. – Here

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Kamni is a new band from Russia that has come out of nowhere with this exceptionally good 6 track promo. Kamni means “stones” in English but apart from that nothing is known about this band. Their MySpace Page has no information about the band either, not even names are mentioned but I do know that one of them also plays in Lord Of Doubts. My Russian sources tell me also that their promo has been circulating many Russian Stoner, Doom and Sludge Metal blogs and websites and the general reaction to the band has been overwhelmingly positive. The fact that they are in the realms of Stoner, Psychedelic Doom Metal and come from Russia is enough to warrant attention on its own. Here on Doommantia.Com recently there has been a lot of discussion about the stagnant Russian Doom Metal scene but with bands like Lord Of Doubts and now Kamni, the future for Russian Doom Metal seems a little more exciting. This Karmi promo is up for free download and you can GET IT HERE.

The EP begins with a strange other-worldly intro with an Russian spoken word narrative over the top of oscillating, throbbing noises before launching into “Bong Of Satan” and immediately they make their intentions clear, this is an Stoner, Psychedelic Doom band similar to Lord Of Doubts, Electric Wizard et al but with an experimental edge. Heavy, low ended bass and beautifully organic swirling guitar with sonic riffing is the name of the game and they do it with some real finesse. Vocals kick in and its a raw, throaty voice that is up to the task of fitting in with the pulsating grooves. The repetitive riff and the simple but solid drum beat builds up a very infectious jam-rock kind of vibe and they even fit in some Space-Rock sounds swirling around on top of this crushing rock groove. It’s not original at all but its refreshing to hear this coming from a Russian band instead of the usual My Dying Bride impersonations. The Psychedelic edge of Kamni really sets them apart from everybody else in that most predictable of Doom Metal scenes (Russia).

“1947” also attacks with sonic energy as the Space-Rock vibe is still present and the other-worldly vocal take on this tune provides one of the more hypnotic tunes on the EP. The riffs the band employs are pure Sabbathian but its the little elements like the lead breaks that set this band alight. “1947” has one of the best of those 5 minutes in, it bluesy, almost Hendrix inspired stuff and wonderfully precise in the way it’s performed. Another spoken word voice-over is used, this time in English with the words “Everybody Must Get Stoned”, another clue that at least one man from Lord Of Doubts must be involved with this project (Bloody Stoners). A spacey interlude follows titled “Trip To Earth” and then you get blasted by another dose of cosmic heaviness from another mind-melting tune called “Repatriation Of God”. A bass intro slowly melts into the main riff of the song and it continues to build its power throughout. Another fine lead bluesy lead break is delivered but rather just a simple break, this actually carries the song for a few minutes with breathtaking melodic ambiance, the track ends as trippy as it began ending what is a majestic piece of music.

The most Psychedelic track is saved for last, its called “Sun Inside” and its an incredible piece of late 60’s/early 70’s LSD inspired bluesy Acid Rock, Hendrix would have been proud of this one. The musicianship is nowhere near the monolithic status of Jimi but they do capture that vibe of hypnotic, trance-like cosmic rock music. “Sun Inside” flows beautifully and the general feeling is like having sex floating around the universe in an rocket-fueled bong-hopping caravan. Without a doubt this is one of the best promo ep’s of the year thus far despite being so unoriginal. It has a good mixture of crushing riffing and bluesy, melodic psychedelicism but it’s also wonderfully produced. You might want to set your radar to watch out for Kamni, I don’t know if this is just a project band or a fully fledged working band but I for one cant wait to hear a lot more. If any of the guys from Solitude Productions is reading this, put this band on your roster of bands now, you know it makes sense. Don’t let this one pass you by…….9/10
Kamni Myspace

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